October 2017

Linux antivirus review

You can roll up the panel to reveal simple on/off switches for four important components. A big panel at left displays in serene green when all is well, but changes to red if security components are disabled. You may also like the Arcadia theme, which is similar in layout to Lycia’s. A two-by-two grid of […]

Server down for maintance

Players may encounter the Destiny server queue when attempting to sign in. Server Maintenance is now complete.

Apache php mysql on linux

 mysql_error());}echo ‘Connecté correctement’;mysql_close($link);// variante 2 : avec localhost$link = mysql_connect(‘localhost:/tmp/mysql.  mysql_error());}echo ‘Connecté correctement’;mysql_close($link);. Php// on se connect à localhost et à l’interface de connexion, par exemple /tmp/mysql. $link) {    die(‘Connexion impossible : ‘ . Exemple #3 Exemple avec mysql_connect() en utilisant la syntaxe “:/path/to/socket”

Mikrotik routeros vpn server

Edisonch 25 August 2014 at 16:11. I can’t get anywhere after get connected. I arrived to the same result as your MS DOS’s screenshot including the 0.

Antivirus for linux and mac

Download Panda Security’s new corporate antivirus solutions for free. Buy the best antivirus at the. Security for workstations, laptops, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux servers. Security for workstations, laptops, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux servers. *Spyware Terminator 2012 Pros: – Integrated spyware and malware. * BitDefender® Antivirus Plus 2012. Many security software programs […]

Linux bash append to file

Shell Programming and Scripting BSD, Linux, and UNIX shell scripting — Post awk, bash, csh, ksh, perl, php, python. Bash script fails when run as file. Explicit null arguments (“””” or “”” ) are retained. If a parameter with no value is expanded within double quotes, a null argument results and is retained. Unquoted implicit […]

Server 2012 admin rdp

By default, Windows Server 2012 has one remote desktop session enabled. When another administrator logs into the server, the first admin is .

Red hat enterprise linux with kvm

2015-11-19: NEW • Distribution Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. 2: Rate this project: Red Hat has announced the availability of a new upgrade to the company’s.

Adsl router with vpn server

After ensuring that there is an active Internet connection, you need to verify the VPN settings. To verify the VPN settings of the Linksys ADSL gateway, follow the instructions below. Before connecting to a VPN tunnel you need to ensure that there is an active Internet connection on the Linksys ADSL gateway.