October 2017

Best free vpn in uk

Been using it for free for 2 months and will probably give them the money they rightfully deserve. Tried all of the companies mentioned here, and Windscribe is a clear winner. The program is the best, soooo simple to use, and does everything for you.

Centos 7 firewall enable mysql

How To Install MySQL on CentOS 7. CentOS 7 prefers MariaDB, a fork of MySQL managed by the original MySQL developers and designed as a replacement for MySQL.

Red hat hitheater august 5

As such while you may continue to use existing versions, you must update to the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux minor release to continue to consume new bug fix and security errata. Each Red Hat OpenStack Platform version 1 supports only one major release version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with all their […]

Zappa serverless

On July 11, 2016, 6 months after the first published version of Zappa, Amazon. Server-less Framework Comparison – Zappa Versus Chalice by Rich Jones, 11-17-2016.

Freebsd curl no match

The QWERTZ layout is fairly widely used in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and other parts of Central Europe. The main difference between it and QWERTY is that Y and Z are swapped, and some special characters such as brackets are replaced by the diacritical characters Ä, Ö, Ü, ß and Ě, Š, Č, […]

Arch linux how to

DNSCrypt is a protocol that encrypt and authenticate communications between a DNS client and a DNS resolver. DNSCrypt are available for most operating system, including Linux, Windows, MacOSX android and iOS. Prevent from DNS spoofing or man in the middle-attack. The image can be burned to a CD, mounted as an ISO file, or be […]

Vmware centos timezone

Centos, Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian. Timezone TinyMCE Tizen TrueType Fonts Trunk tunnel Twitter Twitter Follow Button twrp. VMWare Fusion Voila VPN WAC Web Web File Manager Web Proxy Website WHM Winbox Windows. 6 Centos 6 CentOS 7 Chrome OS Cisco CKEditor CKFinder Clamav.

Membuat dns server freebsd

Tambahkan user yang bisa mengakses VPN dengan mengklik tab Secrets, Name isi dengan nama user, password isi dengan password user, Service isi dengan PPTP, Local Adress isi dengan IP yang digunakan sebagai VPN gateway oleh mikrotik (IP LAN Mikrotik), kemudian pastikan Remote Adress di isi dengan IP yang masih satu subnet dengan IP di local […]

Redhat rhcsa exam questions

I am new to this forum, hoping to practice all the questions on the site to prepare for the rhcsa exam. I am using centos 7, the first question is to install apache, I thought the centos 7 iso I downloaded and installed had everything I needed, apparently not, so I guess I have to […]