Android media server remote control

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The remote itself runs on most Android. A remote for MediaMonkey, a popular media player for Windows. Download and install the server.

Sadly, this is another one of those situations where I can’t give specific instructions, because everyone’s PC is different: if you’re using a network card that’s right on the motherboard, you’ll want to check your BIOS for Wake-on-Lan settings, or else check the Advanced Settings of your network card in Device Manager.

Step 1: Install Vectir PC Remote Server. Download Now Step 2: Install Vectir PC Remote. Fast connection over WiFi. The best PC Remote Control app for your mobile phone or tablet. This is so cool I now have a remote control for Windows Media Player in my phone.

If you’re asked to open Windows Firewall for this or any other program presented here, go ahead and say yes. Just pop over to the Unified Remote website, grab their server application for your PC, and run through the install process. Simple and slick, Unified Remote is a no-brainer to set up. Next, grab the Android app either from the Play Store or by following the download link from the Unified Remote website—which also links to the Windows Phone app, if that’s more your style. You’ll want to set a good strong password, but otherwise everything’s pretty much good to go by default.

android media server remote control

I develop software for Windows, Android, BlackBerry and the web. The Remote Control Apps. Remote Control Server 50.

Gmote – turn your Android-based cellphone into a media remote for your computer.

Apr 08, 2013 · PCs and Android go together like Garfunkel and Oates, so seal the deal with these free remote control solutions.

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Hopefully, it will automatically hook in to your PC—you did leave VLC running, of course—but if it can’t detect your PC, the app will ask you to input an IP address, just as with Unified Remote. Next, grab the VLC Direct Pro Free Android app from the Google Play store. By default, it will try to scan for a open VLC server on the network.

Some apps such as Plex Media Player will let you control navigation within the app, just as if you were using a physical remote to control the app. The specific method for invoking the navigation controls can vary between the controller apps. On Android, for instance, you can select Open Remote from the Players window when you’re already connected to a compatible app.

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To find music or movie files that you’d like to launch, just click on “Browse,” or open the Menu and select the “Browse” option from there. The first screen you’ll see is the media player screen. You may need to type in the password that you set up when you configured your computer server software. Once you’re in, you’ll see the following screen.

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