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A Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation builds the skills to automate systems management deployment in an enterprise environment.

2 edition of its Ansible IT automation framework. Open source champion Red Hat last week announced the new 2.

I want run my production sql server on Linux, but when i restart a instance i got massage that this only 143 days to activate. I installed MS SQL on Ubuntu server, everything works fine. I have one problem, How to activate this instance.

And the Ansible team will be in the Red Hat booth. Microsoft followed up with an Ansible hackathon in Redmond and lots of hard work to contribute all of the.

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These include new versions of AltaVault for cloud-integrated storage; StorageGRID Webscale for scalable object storage for Web apps and rich content; and SnapCenter for application-consistent data protection. Data Synchronization — Cloud Sync Service from NetApp Inc. The company last week announced new data fabric solutions and services with a focus on the secure storage and movement of data within hybrid clouds.

The last two are free but only the Express edition will be licensed for production use (but with resource limits). By mid 2017, the same SQL Server editions will be offered on Linux as today on Windows: Enterprise, Standard, Web, Express, and Developer.

Cloud Sync is currently available through AWS Marketplace. “Customers gain greater visibility into data by seamlessly leveraging AWS analytics tools with on-premises data. “This on-demand Software-as-a-Service [SaaS] offering simplifies cloud service usage by allowing users to continuously move and synchronize data between on-premises storage and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) in the cloud,” the company said. They experience a lower total cost of ownership by paying only for cloud resources when needed.

Уязвимость CVE-2016-9587 в Ansible позволяет взломанной системе запускать код на контроллере 0 2 12 января 2017 г.

At the recent Ansiblefest 2017, Red Hat announced some enhancements and improvements to Ansible. During the announcement festivities, .

Whether it’s hooking into Red Hat Satellite to provision and configure your systems with Ansible, using Ansible and Ansible Tower to deploy your.

Ansible has celebrated its integration into Red Hat by outlining ambitious plans
for integration into Windows environments.

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