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For example, you probably have thousands of people in your address book, but you could not quickly and easily find those that went to Stanford and work at Google (unless you spend hours organizing all this in your address book). Spock will solve the problem for you to easily and quickly organize the people in your world with minimal effort (Spock and the community will do most of the work in organizing this information for you). Jay: Searching for information around people is hard and broken.

Even though NetworkSolutions is now part of a company that owns another expired domain service, SnapNames, it still sends its domains to NameJet. It’s likely that both registrars have a contractual obligation to continue to send their expired domains to NameJet. NameJet was created as a partnership between Enom and NetworkSolutions. It appears that Enom domain names are still being sent to NameJet.

If we get it and you are. If more than one person is interested in the domain, we create a 10-day. Mike was extremely responsive to my. So I reached out to inquire about a domain name. The best place to backorder/drop purchase expiring ccTLD domain names. You backorder the domain.

Spock is a search engine for people. I had a few questions after I had cruised around the application, think of it as like a wiki or tagging for individuals. It has the ability to organize all of one’s personal information and aggreagate on to one page.

auction a domain name

NameJet is the premier aftermarket domain name service with exclusive inventory of some of the most desired expired domains. We use award winning domain name aftermarket technology that allows domain professionals, businesses, and individuals to acquire domain names including those that just expired.

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It pulls in a lot of different feeds. -There’s a voting (like Digg) for which content types you like which builds a personal preference profile. -Rather than choose specific items of preferences, it offers images to use which helps to categorize the content you like. A sort of user anticipated content. -Mgnet is a tool to help discover new content, (yup, pronounced magnet).

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For domaining or for your business needs, get the best aftermarket domain names for sale today. NameJet provides premium and expiring domain names through domain auctions and backorder services.

First they’ll make it to the recently popular que, then the top 3 if they’re really cool. If others also find that person to be interesting, they can vote on it. Users write a short biography or find publicly available information on a person they find to be interesting and submit it to gleamd by clicking “add person” on the menu bar.

Final Thoughts:
Spock was fun for the ego search, I could also find folks with common interests, that was helpful and interesting. Would I tell others. I find Wikipedia restrictive and non-fun, Spock fulfills this. I see Spock has some interesting ways of aggregating ‘Universal Personal’ info but I would be a bit concerned that Google could easily offer this with some of their new “Universal Search” directions. Most important questions: Would I use Spock. Would I invest money into it. There’s not enough with the current feature set.

When Tucows moved its inventory to NameJet this year, GoDaddy VP Paul Nicks told Domain Name Wire, “We believe Tucows saw great results and we feel confident that GoDaddy’s performance will speak for itself and that we’ll earn the opportunity to win back that business.

Last night, in SF’s South Park neighborhood, CEO Mike Walsh of Leverage Software gave me a quick tour of their “People Map” feature, which is part of their white label social networking suite. As you can see if you zoom into the map, there are different criteria filters to select for the right match. This can help prospects find customers, sellers find buyers, and single find other single folks. This features looks for implicit metadata of a community and finds people ‘like me’ and organizes them on a 2D map.

auction a domain name

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