Redhat dns config file

redhat dns config file

A lower MaxSpareThread can cause extra CPU usage for the creation of replacement child processes. More ramifications of high ThreadsPerChild is discussed here. Cautions: MaxSpareThreads < MaxClients causes IHS to routinely kill off child processes, however it may take some time for these processes to exit while slow requests finish processing. A second approach is to use a variable number of child processes, but to aggressively limit the number created by IHS in response to demand (and aggressively remove unneeded processes). Cautions A WebServer crash impacts 100% of the clients. CPU usage may increase if SSL is used and ThreadsPerChild exceeds a few hundred. This is accomplished by setting ThreadsPerChild to 25% or 50% of MaxClients, setting MinSpareThreads and MaxSpareThreads low (relative to recommendations here). See also High CPU in child processes after WebSphere plugin config is updated. Some types of hangs may influence 100% of the clients. Caches for ESI and mod_mem_cache are thrown away when child processes exit.

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