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Cortana is perhaps the most visible component of its efforts for many users; but the digital assistant, which is integrated into Windows 10 – and available to a less integrated extent on other platforms – is just one element of its AI investments. From predicting the future with its Azure cloud platform, and preventing cyberattacks, to product personalization, image recognition, natural language processing and cognitive services, Microsoft’s work in AI is far-reaching and its potential is virtually limitless.

Newsbin allows you to test files that you’re interested in downloading before you actually go ahead and do it. Newsbin will let you know how much of the file is available from your server. If you run across a binary that’s old or just looks sketchy in some way, this is a good way to make sure you don’t waste your time on a file that’s just going to fail on you in the end. To access the feature, right-click on the binary you want to download.

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In just the last couple of years, Microsoft Research has shared details of some extraordinary developments across a wide range of disciplines. Technology developed to help eliminate bugs in the Windows OS, for example, was applied to help scientists improve their understanding of stem cell behavior, which could lead to significant breakthroughs in medical research.

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But like many of its rivals, Microsoft is convinced that bots will become increasingly important and relevant as the underlying technology develops and matures. Imagine being able to have a chat with an ‘intelligent’ customer service bot to change the delivery time of a package, or to order a pizza, or book a flight, by answering a few simple questions, rather than having to navigate endless web pages and fill in one form after another.

5 Best Free VPN Software for 2017 , Free VPN Download. VPNs are an essential. Martin King – Feb 24, 2017. How to Edit Hosts File in Windows 10 and Windows 8. 1 17,075 views , 11 comments. How to remove Windows 10 upgrade. In this post, We will describe about top free VPN services in 2017.

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  Windows 10 Pre-Activated with Office 2016 is all-in-one Windows 10 which contain 12 editions of Windows 10 (Russian and English) with updates to August 2017, based on the original images (1703 and LTSB 1607) and integrated system libraries with built-in MS Office 2016 Pro.

While these services and extensions are available by default when you install Avira Free, you can remove those that you don’t want to cut down on clutter. This is worth keeping in mind if you want to use Avira on an older or less powerful PC. That includes the Avira Connect application itself – so if all you want is antivirus, you can make sure that’s all you have.

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00 92% off VMware vSphere 5. * These are some of the security improvements coming with Windows 10 Creators. Microsoft did its best to convince owners of older PCs running Windows 7 and 8. VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription. And making them free for.

best free vpn software windows 8.1

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