Centos update without yum

In this howto i will describe how to update PHP rpms on servers to latest version. If you have server running CentOS/Fedora/RHEL, you will noticed that it will.

Centos repository disable

Repositories that are to be protected will not be updated by newer files from non protected repositories. The purpose of the protectbase plugin is to protect certian repositories from updates from other repositories. This plugin is recommended for anyone who routinely enables 3rd party repositories, as these non-CentOS repositories may update certian system files, potentially […]

Centos 7 netstat ports

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count). Thank you for your interest in this question. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead.

Centos chkconfig vsftpd

By default, the vsftpd service does not start automatically at boot time. To configure the vsftpd service to start at boot time, use an initscript utility, such as / sbin/chkconfig, /usr/sbin/ntsysv, or the Services Configuration Tool program. Refer to Chapter 15, Controlling Access to Services for more information regarding these tools.

Centos time

This type comparison is generally superfluous, since there almost are always specific and nuanced requirements and needs for Server implementation that will dictate which distribution has more advantage or purpose – based on technologists/hosting company’s expertise and broad experience with that distribution.

Centos fsck

Lst commands, which allows it to work with most existing Linux distributions. It will load the kernel specified by your image (the CentOS 6. Lst from your image which we configured earlier in this guide. One of the advantages of this solution is that PV-GRUB understands standard grub. When we go to register the AMI […]

Centos ifconfig show gateway

Until individuals have seen the birth, growth, support, longevity and death of a system it can be impossible to understand the impact some lines of code have with one application and the interoperability requirements with other applications. It can be difficult to understand the impact of code in the full lifecycle of a software product […]

Centos alias httpd

Conf (je suis en intranet), et sur le dns interne j’ai créé yoyo, qui pointe sur le. Bonjour J’ai mis en place un virtual host et un alias sur httpd.

Centos 7 install in vmware

Vagrant box add centos/6 # for CentOS Linux 6 $ vagrant box add centos/7 # for CentOS. Vagrant box add centos/6 # for CentOS Linux. Com/mvermaes/centos-vmware-tools (updated for this release). If you pick Minimum Install in this installer, you can do an install that is identical to.

Centos using kickstart

The disaster recovery week showed me how truely boring it is to install lots of Linux boxes in one go. I’m sure the next disaster recovery tests will be a little less time consuming because of this. It’s pretty simple, and makes multiple installations a real no-brainer. As a result I’ve spent a little time […]