Fedora download gimp

Each task requires a different environment and GIMP allows you to customize the view and behavior the way you like it. Starting from the widget theme, allowing.

Fedora chromium flash

Je n’utilise pas Chromium mais le lien est-il correct. Ce ne serait pas /usr/lib64/chromium/PepperFlash/. Il semble que non, bel et bien chromium-browser.

Fedora kde chinese input

Cet outil est très neuf, si vous rencontrer des problème, merci de les reporter. Ceci est utile si vous voulez bouger vers un nouvel ordinateur ou dupliquer votre configuration calibre sur un deuxième ordinateur, avec un minimum d’effort. Vous pouvez toujours utiliser la vieille méthode manuelle de copie des répertoires de bibliothèque comme solution de […]

Fedora 25 hotkeys

Hi all, I have been using Anykey for years now and its awesome, I really need it for my day to day tasks.

Fedora change from kde to gnome

ANTLR removed java-devel dependency. 00, which has a change to library API so string ownership is. All three removed X-KDE-Library from desktop file. Openconnect is at version 7. Packages removed were NetworkManager-openconnect and NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome.

Fedora file server

We got an Idea. Lunch had arrived and I am sure everyone was waiting to grab something. With public’s demand, Saurabh Bhadwar explained how performance engineering team uses Fedora and Ansible to do their stuff. We were having our lunch when few of my juniors asked how scalable is Ansible.

Ubuntu vs fedora vs mint 2015

Wake up and smell the roses. Currently have xubuntu 13. Educate yourself before blowing off about things you know nothing about. 10 on this lappy and it has not blinked. Unetbootin is cool, but try multisys, which allows up to 10 os live on 1 usb stick. I use gimp, libreoffice, xchat , firefox, and […]

Fedora server raid 1

It’s also about innovation for the many different platforms represented in the Fedora Project: Workstation, Server, Atomic, and the various Spins. Coordinating the efforts across the many working groups is no small task, and serves as a testament to the talent and professionalism found within the Fedora community. Fedora’s journey is not simply about updating […]

Fedora xfce nm applet

You can configure the MAC randomization by adding the desired configuration under /etc/NetworkManager/conf. This means that you will use the same MAC address every time you connect to that network. In terms of MAC randomization the most important modes are stable and random. In contrast, random will generate a new MAC address every time you […]