Fedora 26 crashes

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We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how we can best spend our resources to produce the best desktop possible for our users, because even though Red Hat invests more into the Linux desktop than any other company by quite a margin, our resources are still far from limitless. So we have a continuous effort of asking ourselves if each of the areas we are investing in are the right ones that give our users the things they need the most, so below is a sampling of the things we are working on. Felt it been to long since I did another Fedora Workstation update.

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Fedora 25 fedy

fedora 25 fedy

The method is a little different in Fedora than Ubuntu. For now, let’s just see what are the things to do after installing Fedora 24. You’ll have to do an upgrade, enable ‘special repository’ to get more applications, installing codecs, programs, utilities etc. Most of the basic steps remain the same in Fedora as well. Switching from Ubuntu to Fedora is an experience in itself but we’ll see about that in details in another article.

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Fedora gnome

fedora gnome

First, we had a taste of it way back when. But then, through my Solus OS testing in the past year or so, I’ve come across Budgie again, and I was rather intrigued by the look & feel and the obvious progress. Moving forward, it will also be using the Qt technology, starting with the upcoming release 11. For the moment, it’s Gtk and heavily interwoven with Gnome. Today, we will explore Budgie. While my endeavors with Solus were less glamorous, Budgie did impress me as something worth a deeper consideration. Let’s have a look. In the day, it was quite slow, buggy and not very appealing. Now, this is a rather interesting one.

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