Freebsd cpu temp amd

RasPlex is the Perfect Companion to a Plex Media Server Many people will use expensive computers as Plex Clients, or have to go through the inconvenient of plugging a computer into their TV every time they want to use Plex. RasPlex is an Entertainment Center Solution for Raspberry Pi Simply put, RasPlex lets you turn […]

Freebsd man chown

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Freebsd apache rotate logs

Combined with remote logging, this can be done with fairly low over head, and can be maintained with fairly low overhead. The ideal IDS is a combination of a generic firewall policy, file integrity checksum database software, brute force detection software, web and application firewall software, and automatic log file analysis software. This system should […]

Freebsd jail linprocfs

Other drives can be mapped to local or networked file systems, or the local optical drive. A later product is the SunPCi III, a coprocessor card with features such as: mobile 1. 4 GHz AMD Athlon XP 1600+ processor, up to 1 GB PC2100 RAM, AGP 8x equivalent 24-bit graphics, 10/100Base-T Ethernet, up to 3 […]

Freebsd mpt recover commands

Dump can back up a file system to a tape or another disk. It is often used across a network by piping its output through bzip2 then SSH. Dump is a Unix program used to back up file systems. A dump utility first appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX. It operates on blocks, below filesystem […]

Docker auf freebsd

Узнать IP конкретного контейнера можно командой:. По умолчанию контейнеры как бы находятся за NAT — они могут свободно ходить в сеть, но из сети нельзя так просто попасть в контейнеры. При этом с точки зрения хост-системы контейнеры находятся в сети 172.

Freebsd verbose boot loader.conf

If station does not store these parameters, they can be retrieved from the wview-conf. Returns: OK or ERROR. StationGetPosition Function Station-supplied function to retrieve positional info (lat, long, elev) – should populate WVIEWD_WORK fields: latitude, longitude, elevation. Sdb file (see the ‘stationGetConfigValue’ utilities below) – user must choose station type “NameOfStation” when running the wviewconfig […]

Freebsd update plex

I was looking for some alternative when I stumbled upon RoboLinux. RoboLinux gave me the alternative I needed. I downloaded the latest version then made a bootable USB stick of the image. I can use RoboLinux for all of my computer chores on a daily basis and with their VirtualBox XP or Win7 capability I […]

Freebsd port use gcc

So, if you have two subnets, with different purposes, they should have seperate entries even if they are numerically adjacent. Dist=ConfigReader I’m using ConfigReader-0. You probably don’t want flow-switching enabled for interfaces that carry policy-routed traffic, such as that being redirected transparently to a web cache. : user$ chmod g+ws $PREFIX Configuring Your Host The […]

Freebsd ipv6 arp

To enable this feature, add the following to /etc/rc. This option may not be required in most cases and is available only for compatibility. This is most useful for third party applications which may not support an IPv6-only environment. This option will allow IPv6-only applications to work with IPv4 in a dual stack environment.