Freebsd route delete ipv6

  In the course of study, I discovered some new tools and better ways of doing the same job I’ve been doing for the last decade.   Even though it’s supposedly targeted towards junior admins, even developers and senior admins will probably find aspects of it challenging. I would encourage others to give it a […]

Freebsd pkg old version

0-RELEASE-p8 Update 2014/09/21: New version of the build script creates more. X on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite Update 2017/03/07: New image available for 11.

Freebsd ports btsync

If you don’t want to worry about the details, just name the volume, click the “+” button next to your disks to add them to the setup (it will make a recommended RAID setup based on the drives you add). Next, click on the “Volumes” button. Click “ZFS Volume Manager” to bring up the dialog […]

Freebsd 10 отключить ipv6

На всех андроидофорумах существуют треды о том, как поймать утекающие амперы, также резко возросла популярность мокрописечных Appkiller’ов, Battersaver’ов и прочего говна, которого появилось огромное количество в Google Play. Пока опять не будет завершён. Это и привело к тому, что на девайсах постоянно в фоне работает какой-нибудь хлам. Но их принцип работы безблагодатен — они просто убивают […]

Freebsd sysinstall

From the Fixit environment of a FreeBSD 8 install disk, how do I download a file using. From the Fixit environment of a FreeBSD 8 install disk, how do I download a file using. Category: FreeBSD , Comment (RSS) , Trackback. Tags: Fixit, FreeBSD, sysinstall.

Freebsd update preparing to download files

We describe ways to create such a scalable framework of distributed forensic artificial intelligences to hunt for evil and to minimize time spent on repeatable remediation and evidence collection processes. One of the more complex tasks in designing such a next generation defensive system to is leverage machine learning to build models that are dynamic […]

Freebsd pkg add midnight commander

FreeBSD Man Pages www. # pkg_add -r rsync # Fetch and install rsync. No Konqueror ou Midnight Commander isso é possível para o acesso do sistema remoto com o.

Freebsd install nginx php mysql

LibreNMS is an open source monitoring tool based on PHP/MYSQL/SNMP. Its a fully featured network monitoring system that provides support for wide ran.

Freebsd create network alias

0″ ifconfig_rl0_alias1=”inet 192. 0″ ifconfig_rl0_alias3=”inet 192. 0″ ifconfig_rl0_alias2=”inet 192.

Freebsd ls date format

Kane-box is built with newLISP, a powerful network scripting language that allows you to quickly and abstractly construct and analyze network packets.   Wait, what was that.   It’s easy to miss the subtle significance of that statement:  newLISP allows you to create raw packets for penetration testing just by calling a function with a […]