Redhat commands ppt

/ – The home directory for the superuser “root” /tmp – Temporary files /media – Default mount point for removable devices, such as USB /usr – User Programs Installs here (Program Files) /home – Root directories for all the Users of Linux /proc – process information /boot – Contains all the important files which are required for booting /bin – Stands for “binaries” and contains certain fundamental utilities /etc – Contains system-wide configuration files and system databases /dev – Stands for “devices”.

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Redhat apache documentation

redhat apache documentation

D and SuSE uses /etc/init. Depending on who you talk to, the P also stands for Perl or Python, but in general, it is assumed to be PHP. This document will walk you through the installation of what is known as a “LAMP” system: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. I run CentOS on my servers; these directions were written for CentOS/Red Hat/Fedora. The main difference between the distributions is in the paths to the startup scripts. I have had requests for SuSE (another RPM-based distribution) as well as Debian-based systems, so I will work on variants of these directions for those distributions in the future. Red Hat systems used /etc/rc.

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