Redhat dns config file

redhat dns config file

A lower MaxSpareThread can cause extra CPU usage for the creation of replacement child processes. More ramifications of high ThreadsPerChild is discussed here. Cautions: MaxSpareThreads < MaxClients causes IHS to routinely kill off child processes, however it may take some time for these processes to exit while slow requests finish processing. A second approach is to use a variable number of child processes, but to aggressively limit the number created by IHS in response to demand (and aggressively remove unneeded processes). Cautions A WebServer crash impacts 100% of the clients. CPU usage may increase if SSL is used and ThreadsPerChild exceeds a few hundred. This is accomplished by setting ThreadsPerChild to 25% or 50% of MaxClients, setting MinSpareThreads and MaxSpareThreads low (relative to recommendations here). See also High CPU in child processes after WebSphere plugin config is updated. Some types of hangs may influence 100% of the clients. Caches for ESI and mod_mem_cache are thrown away when child processes exit.

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Red hat virtual academy

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Also, it covers all the management and operational tasks related to the coordination and execution of services developed during the Service Strategy, Design and Transition phases of the IT Service Lifecycle. This ITIL® Intermediate online training module concentrates on the principles, processes, operational activities and functions that empower individuals with the capacity to successfully manage products and performance of services.

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