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Как-то настраивал сервер естественно разнес MS SQL и 1С на разное железо что бы избежать утечек памяти. А самое печальное что конфа типовая. Далее началось следующее: на сетевом интерфейсе БД по 70 Гб трафика за день проскакивает и это при 15 юзерах. Но такая связка долго не проживет. Естественно запрос выполняется секунд 5 — 8 […]

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Blades do not have this limitation. The principal benefit and justification of blade computing relates to lifting this restriction so as to reduce size requirements. As of   2014[update], densities of up to 180 servers per blade system (or 1440 servers per rack) are achievable with blade systems. 75 inches (44 mm) tall—defines the minimum possible […]

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ARK Survival Evolved – Server Manager – Правильная настройка вашего СЕРВЕРА (Руководство) #vmguide – Продолжительность: 24:00 VM GAME SHOW 24 843.

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WELCHE FRAGE – genau – sollte ich Ihrer Ansicht nach hier beantworten. Wieso sollte eigentlich der Kolumnist verantwortlich sein für alle Millionen Fragen , die sich irgendwelche Leser beim, vor oder nach dem Lesen einfallen lassen. Haben Sie darüber einmal nachgedacht. Verzeihung, aber Sie formulieren Ihre Frage(n) wirklich unklar. Was genau Meinen Sie damit. Sie […]

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Datacenters in Europe and USA/ Canada. High quality Counter-Strike Global Offensive server host with DDOS protection and powerful control panel.

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2011/07/09 04:26:42 – * Sending shutdown 2011/07/09 04:26:42 – * Termination 2011/07/09 04:26:44 – * Cleaning 2011/07/09 04:26:44 – * Stoping service 2011/07/09 04:26:44 – * Service stopped 2011/07/09 04:26:44 – * Service deleted 2011/07/09 04:26:48 – * Cleaning 2011/07/09 04:26:48 – GetLastError(1060)(The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

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Thank you for downloading AndroMouse 6. This is the place where you learn how to setup AndroMouse, download AndroMouse Server, ask questions and help others.

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Il est distribué avec le framework. NET peut être utilisé avec n’importe quel langage de programmation pour la plateforme. NET, C#, JScript[ 4] ). NET est un filtre branché sur le serveur web Internet Information Services (IIS).

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1, It has gesture controller, it can support 2-finger zoom in/out, 3-finger drag and drop, 4-finger switch current windows and show desktop and etc. 2, It has auto connect mode, if your android device support multicast, you can auto connect to the PC which has installed mouse server on it. 3, easy to use interface.

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Research and development expenses increased $ 970 million or 9%, due mainly to increased investment in new products and services in our Devices engineering group, including $ 275 million of NDS expenses, and increased investment in our Applications and Services engineering group.