Centos 6 bash completion

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When invoked as /bin/sh within Makefiles, bash seems to have a problem changing directory via the cd command. A work-around for this is to define SHELL=/bin/bash within your Makefile. There seems to be some issue with using the bash built-in cd within Makefiles. This is believed to be a bug in bash.

This worked great for CentOS 7. X reelases in this post. I did a fresh install of CentOS 6. Thanks – This was really great. 5 and then followed this guide, updating only the release number for the KEY and –instrepo steps as had been down with prior 7.

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I am trying to get tab-completion working in Yum in CentOS 6 (so I can do something like yum install firefo and get back firefox), and I have found many tutorials which say to simply do yum install bash-completion, but when I do this, I get this back:.

centos 6 bash completion

Same as the configuration with Static IP Address, assure that BOOTPROTO is set to dhcp, DEFROUTE statement is commented or removed and the device is configured to automatically start on boot. If you don’t use IPv6 just remove or comment all the lines containing IPV6.

Centos will be installed
–> Processing Dependency: preupgrade-assistant(x86-64) >= 1. Noarch
–> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: 1:redhat-upgrade-tool-0. Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies
–> Running transaction check
—> Package preupgrade-assistant-contents. Noarch (upg)
Requires: preupgrade-assistant >= 1. Noarch (upg)
Requires: preupgrade-assistant(x86-64) >= 1. 2-14
You could try using –skip-broken to work around the problem
You could try running: rpm -Va –nofiles –nodigest. 2-14 for package: preupgrade-assistant-contents-0. 2-4 for package: 1:redhat-upgrade-tool-0. Centos will be installed
–> Processing Dependency: preupgrade-assistant >= 1. Noarch
—> Package redhat-upgrade-tool. 2-4
Error: Package: preupgrade-assistant-contents-0.

1611 for x86_64, bash-completion-2. Bash-completion is a collection of shell functions that take advantage of the. For
Bash, CentOS 7.

這些還都只是系統預設的變數的目的,如果是個人的設定方面的應用呢:例如你要寫一個大型的 script 時,有些資料因為可能由於使用者習慣的不同而有差異,比如說路徑好了,由於該路徑在 script 被使用在相當多的地方,如果下次換了一部主機,都要修改 script 裡面的所有路徑,那麼我一定會瘋掉! 這個時候如果使用變數,而將該變數的定義寫在最前面,後面相關的路徑名稱都以變數來取代, 嘿嘿!那麼你只要修改一行就等於修改整篇 script 了!方便的很!所以,良好的程式設計師都會善用變數的定義!.

在介紹 shell 的優點之前,先來說一說 shell 的簡單歷史吧(註2):第一個流行的 shell 是由 Steven Bourne 發展出來的,為了紀念他所以就稱為 Bourne shell ,或直接簡稱為 sh !而後來另一個廣為流傳的 shell 是由柏克萊大學的 Bill Joy 設計依附於 BSD 版的 Unix 系統中的 shell ,這個 shell 的語法有點類似 C 語言,所以才得名為 C shell ,簡稱為 csh !由於在學術界 Sun 主機勢力相當的龐大,而 Sun 主要是 BSD 的分支之一,所以 C shell 也是另一個很重要而且流傳很廣的 shell 之一 。.

Fedora and many other Linux
distros have enhanced BASH tab-completion, i. , instead of just . Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

ちなみに、yum groups listはCentOS 6で使われているバージョンのyumではyum grouplistに当たるコマンドであるが、CentOS 6には.

Obviously the upgrade tools are different on CentOS and Oracle Linux, but they share large chunks of the same source code, so it might work the same on CentOS. 1 RPM package is uninstalled and the new MariaDB 5. 5 RPM package is installed, but RPM does not take this operation as an update. @Goran: just had another attempt with Oracle Linux with these results:
“During inplace upgrade, the old MySQL 5. Com/2014/07/inplace-upgrade-from-ol6-5-to-ol7/ (check 3rd pic from the first batch of screenshots).

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