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On a rare sunny day in Vancouver in Frebruary, after a week of messed-up sleep and feeling like I’ve been spinning my wheels, this is nice. But: I just stuck my head out a door at work and saw a chickadee. It chirped for a while, sitting on a tree near our building, then flew off.

🙂 But what I heard (and heard again later from Victor) confirmed the low opinion of the Myrinet protocol/cards. Man, there’s nothing there to inspire confidence. I was hoping to talk to the presenter afterward, but it didn’t happen; there were a lot of other people who got to him first.

But because the old app was on the way out, no one wanted to spend money tracking down the problems with it. He said that it was kind of in limbo: the troublesome app had been replaced by a web-based app and was slowly being rolled out. But since it didn’t do everything the old app did the old one was being kept around and people were reluctant to upgrade. After thanking him for MRTG and RRDTool, I asked him what had happened to the call centre he had spent all that time debugging. I have to say, I expect more neatly wrapped-up story endings from the people I admire.

Got SSL set up for both my web and email servers; created pull request for Duraconf in the process. All this was done at Vancouver Telescope, who are an incredibly awesome bunch of people. Visited brother and his wife in Kelowna with my parents. Ordered flocking paper for the Meade (I think the focuser tube needs it) and the Peterson EZ focus kit (satisfied customers). (Gotta write more about that too. I also got a 2″ diagonal and connector for the Meade; the Dob had a 2″ focuser already. Went with the family to the PNE. First LISA blog post up at the USENIX blog. 25″ 17mm Antares Speers-Waler (82 deg FOV). Traded in a crapton of telescope eyepieces for a couple nice upgrades: 2″ 31mm Antares modified Erfle (74 deg FOV), and 1. I kept my 12mm Vixen (50 deg FOV) and a random 7.

centos add group

What they didn’t tell him was that they were going to call at 5am our time to make sure the phones worked. My roommate had to defend a thesis with the University of Manchester, and they’d told him they were going to do it over the phone today at about mid-morning our time. Wednesday started with a test of the Emergency Viva System.

5 to CentOS 7. This howto shows how to use the new tools preupgrade assistant and redhat-upgrade-tool to upgrade from CentOS 6.

For now, in our my up-coming article I will show you how to add Windows host to Nagios monitoring Server. Com for more such valuable articles. If you’re facing any difficulties while adding remote host to Nagios. Please do comment your queries or problem via comment section, till then stay tuned to Tecmint.

centos add group

Backups had a penalty clause for non-performance that no one ever took advantage of, but he did: he requested things from backup and proved that the backups were corrupt. It got to the point where the backup department was paying his department every month. The guy I was talking to figured out a way around this, though.

‘Got pantsed in front of Slashdot. Reinstalling from backups is no longer satisfying, and yet no one wants to share solutions they might have come up with: “What, I should put it on my resume. ‘ I don’t think so. ” So, without identifying the people involved, he shared the story for the purpose of “adding to the lore” (great term).

At 3am my phone went off with a page from $WORK. The music volume was set to 11, and after I heard the covers of “Living Thing” (Beautiful South) and “Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before” (Marc Ronson; disco) I retreated back to my hotel room to sit on my balcony and watch the airplanes. I gave up at 5am and came down to the hotel lobby (where the wireless does NOT cost /day for 512 Kb/s, or for 3Mb/s) to get some work done and email my family. But I can see the ones that are, I guess, flying to Japan; they go straight up, slowly, and the contrail against the morning twilight looks like rockets ascending to space. The airport is right by both the hotel and the downtown, so when you’re flying in you get this amazing view of the buildings OH CRAP RIGHT THERE; from my balcony I can hear them coming in but not see them. It was benign, but do you think I could get back to sleep.

I want to add proper testing for. Good thing, too, since I’m giving a talk on Cf2 and Cf3 for a user group in December. Or adding the Sieve plugin for Dovecot on a CentOS box. Add him to the contact list for that service and add the info to documentation. Or OpenBSD on a Dell R300 (.

(Actually, there were a lot of people who talked about high-turnover jobs like that, which is different from what I expected; I always thought of HPC as letting your cluster go to town for 3 weeks on something. EDU admin gloms all his lab’s desktops into the cluster, and uses Condor to tie it all together. There’s a wide mix of hardware,so part of user education a) is getting people to specify minimal CPU and memory requirements and b) letting them know that the ideal job is 2 hours long. “If it’s idle, it’s part of the cluster. Perhaps that’s a function of my lab’s work, or having a smaller cluster. ” No head node, jobs can be submitted from anywhere, and the dev environment matches the run environment.

centos add group

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