Centos apache php slow

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Long waits for this latch usually accompany concurrent sessions inserting data into a table using a sequence; the sequence values will be clustered together and will usually access the same data (for direct-path inserts) or index block and can cause sessions to wait until the current process completes. This latch, when its wait times become long, usually indicates an issue with a ‘hot block’, a data or index block that is so popular everyone and their Aunt Gertrude are waiting for it. Latches can indicate the existence of a locking problem, as the ‘cursor pins wait on x’ latch illustrates. And since the latch allows one, and only one, process access to it at a time the rest of the interested transactions (and their processes) form a long queue, sort of like a really busy day at the amusement park. In such cases addressing the locking problem also addresses the latching problem.

И так, к нам в руки попал новый сервер с только что установленной CentOS. Установка и настройка Apache, PHP, MySQL на CentOS (+ PMA и FTP).

For compiling Apache, you will need 3 different packages – httpd itself, apr and apr-util. Next thing that you need are packages with source files. They are required for Apache httpd. When you install Apache httpd with yum they come as dependencies. Last two are Apache Runtime libraries.

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centos apache php slow

Then run a cronjob (every 5 minutes) which connects to Database and performs all the statements in a single transaction. My traffic was much lower and hardware by far inferior so you may need some finetuning with the above solution. This is a major issue with most database systems. I’ve had a similar issue sometime ago and solved it by creating a table with a single column (no index of course) in which I inserted the sql statement that I wanted to run.

– Limit Open Files: The maximum available number of open files per account. User Management
– Add, List, Edit and Remove Users
– User Monitoring (list users open files, listening sockets)
– Shell access management
– User Limit Managment (Quota and Inodes)
– Limit Processes: The maximum available number of processes per account. – User FTP & File Manager
– CloudLinux + CageFS
– Dedicated IP per account.

Previously, we revealed some helpful security tips for Apache. CentOS is one of the most popular free and open source. How to Install OpenVZ on CentOS. Common PHP Security Risks. PHP is a server-side scripting language that is among the most. 4 Apache Performance Tips.

18/12/2010 – London – Winter | all your code are

Instead, the scammer tricks you into gaining access to your account for fraud, spam and tricking more people into a scam. To avoid Self-XSS attacks, never copy and paste suspicious links. A Self-XSS scam usually works by promising to help you access somebody else’s account. Scammers will usually target your friends by posting to your Timeline.

– Hardware Information (CPU core and clock info)
– Memory Information (Memory usage info)
– Disk Info (Detailed Disk status)
– Software Info (kernel version, uptime)
– Services Status (Quick services restart eg. Apache, FTP,Mail)
– ChkConfig Manager (Quick list and manage your services)
– Services Monitor (automatic restart of services and email notifications)
– Network port usage
– Network configuration
– SSHD configuration
– Auto-Fixer (checks important configuration and tries to auto-fix issues)
– Sysstat Graphs.


DocumentRoot is basically the path to directory you created before. FollowSymLinks is usually required by frameworks and CMSes. Now you need to specify settings of this directory. I disable Indexes and Includes for security reasons. Require all granted is a must here if you want to have access to this directory. AllowOverride All means that I’m allowing. Next are directory config. Htaccess files to override all settings. Last thing are Options.

0 64bit, I came across an issue with installing VBoxGuestAddition components – the VirtualBox Guest Additions’ kernel modules failed to get built. However, while testing my modified Centmin Nginx installation script on CentOS 6. Virtualbox is a useful tool for testing various Linux and Windows operating systems in a virtualized environment. Prior to CentOS 6. 0, you could fix this by ensuring kernel-headers and other prerequisites were installed first.

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