Centos apt get autoclean

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The important thing is that the client and server version numbers match in either case. 6 and MySQL Server 5. 6 packages in the Ubuntu Software Center. If you would rather install MySQL Client 5. 6 you can also find the mysql-client-core-5.

L’option autoclean permet de supprimer les paquets présents dans /var/cache/apt/archives, mais en conservant ceux qui ont un équivalent dans.

Using “search” with apt-cache will display a list of matched packages with short description. Let’s say you would like to find out description of package ‘vsftpd‘, then command would be. To find out the package name and with it description before installing, use the ‘search‘ flag.

Tar 只是一种压缩文件格式,所以,它只是把文件压缩打包而已。
rpm 相当于windows中的安装文件,它会自动处理软件包之间的依赖关系。
tar一般都是源码打包的软件,需要自己解包,然后进行安装三部曲,. /configure, make, make install.

centos apt get autoclean

Florian ( Jan 14 ’14 ). But still I don’t understand why the option autoremove doesn’t show up
when commanding yum –help.

My usual command for keeping the machine up to date is rather verbose, and it can result in more than one password prompt if any command takes a long time: sudo apt.

При необходимости их можно удалить командой apt-get clean или apt-get autoclean. Yum (rpm) Fedora, CentOS.

How to cleanup rhel/centos/ubuntu/debian old kernels | Rui's Blog

Luckily adding the ability to use the apt-
get command in CentOS is pretty easy. Sometimes YUM alone isn’t enough. While I still encourage everyone who .

Deb 文件的内容。
7、dpkg -s
显示已安装包裹的信息。同时请看 apt-cache 显示 Debian 存档中的包裹信息,以及 dpkg -I 来显示从一个. Deb>
安装一个 Debian 软件包,如你手动下载的文件。
2、dpkg -c 中提取包裹信息。
4、dpkg -r
5、dpkg -P
完全清除一个已安装的包裹。和 remove 不同的是,remove 只是删掉数据和可执行文件,purge 另外还删除所有的配制文件。
6、dpkg -L
列出 安装的所有文件清单。同时请看 dpkg -c 来检查一个. Conf
rpm -qpi xxx
——————————– src. Rpm形式的源代码软件包
安装:rpm -rebuild *. Deb>
列出 的内容。
3、dpkg -I

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You can get the gzipped installation file from one of the following download sites. Download R Server installer.

Mobile · This article explains how quickly you can learn to install, remove, update and search software packages using apt-get and apt-cache commands from the.

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