Centos generate ifcfg eth0

Деактивируется интерфейс eth0: [ OK ]. Обратите внимание на дату поста, NetworManager появился только в 6-ой CentOS.

The behaviour of the bonded interfaces depends upon the mode; generally speaking, modes provide either hot standby or load balancing services. Additionally, link integrity monitoring, may be performed. Linux allows us to bond multiple network interfaces into single interface using a special kernel module named bonding. The Linux bonding driver provides a method for combining multiple network interfaces into a single logical “bonded” interface.

In general, no organizations have double the number of resources to independently maintain an existing system and a team to develop a replacement system concurrently. The art of dissecting an existing application is knowing how to replace the workflow while maintaining the core functionality and providing tangible benefits of undertaking the work. An example of improving an existing application by choosing a component replacement process is:.

The existing system had grown over a number of years, the engineering department had grown from one developer to over a dozen developers, yet the approach towards software development had not changed from that single developer original module based Drupal approach for a small application. With sales for the next annual education cycle already 4x more than the current user base that was having regular outages, the system could not (and would not) sustain known future sales. An education based client faced a huge problem.

With the plugin architecture in MySQL 5. This is a change in the philosophy of new functionality that I discussed in Understanding the MySQL Release Cadence which in 5. 13 introduced the SQL interface for keyring key management. Plugins also allow for functionality to be not enabled by default therefore preserving the stability of an existing MySQL instance running version 5. Not all in the community are happy however I consider it an important requirement for time-to-market in a fast paced open source data ecosystem. While included as part of MySQL InnoDB cluster, MySQL Group Replication can be run standalone. It is a plugin, made by and packaged by MySQL. 7 the ability to release new features is greatly reduced from the more typical 2+ year general availability (GA) cycle.

Net     node2-pub
## Private Network (Interconnect)
192. 22            node2-prv               node2-prv
## Private Network (Network storage)
192. 22            node2-nas               node2-nas
192. 11            node1-prv               node1-prv
192. 33            nas-server              nas-server
## Virtual IPs
216. 11            node1-nas               node1-nas
192. Localdomain localhost
## Public Node names
216. [ [email protected] ~]# cat /etc/hosts
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.

If your access to your data always includes these two columns, you can consider swapping the columns based on the cardinality. However, if you have queries that search on external_id or external_id and country_id, then creating an index on country_id, external_id will not be used. What about an index on country_id, external_id.

Creating required Directories for Oracle 10g R2 RAC software and setting up correct Permission
Setup shell Limits for the oracle user
Enable SSH oracle user Equivalency on all the cluster nodes. Minimum Hardware required
Technical Architecture of 2-node RAC
Redhat /CentOS Packages Required
Configuring the Public, Private Network
Configuring Shared Storage Based on iSCSI technology
Download Oracle 11g RDBMS softwares from OTN
Memory and Swap Space
Setting up Kernel Paramemeter
Creating oracle User account. Installing and Configuring OCFS2 (Oracle Cluster File System)
Creating ASM disks using oracleasm (ASMLib IO) For the Clustered Database.

[[email protected] ~]# mkdir -p /u01/app/crs
[[email protected] ~]# mkdir -p /u01/app/asm
[[email protected] ~]# mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle
[[email protected] ~]# mkdir -p /u02/ocfs2
[[email protected] root]# chown -R oracle:oinstall /u01
[[email protected] root]# chown -R oracle:oinstall /u02
[[email protected] root]# chmod -R 775 /u01/app/oracle
[[email protected] root]# chmod -R 775 /u01.

An old but still relevant article for reference is SHOW INNODB STATUS walk through. In this case, I’m going to investigate SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS first. Not wanting to go looking at the InnoDB source code to understand the problem, I’m endeavouring to possibly use existing MySQL monitoring to try and understand the problem better. The MySQL High Performance book is also a good starting reference.

This HowTo walks you through the steps required to security harden CentOS 7, it’s based on the OpenSCAP benchmark, unfortunately the current version of OpenSCAP.

Clients first contact rpcbind to lookup where its request should be sent. Rpcbind is newer and used on RHEL 6,7 / Ubuntu 10. Rpcbind and portmapper are both server based services which manages RPC program number requests and returns universal addresses. The rpc service tells rpcbind the address on which it is listening and the RPC program numbers it will serve. 04 and later systems while portmapper was used on RHEL5 or prior systems.

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    Sometimes a language runtime you are packaging for will provide a macro for the arches it’s available on, for instance, %{nodejs_arches}. Take a look at the Guidelines for the language to see if such a macro exists. If it does exist, then you can use something like ExclusiveArch:%{nodejs_arches} noarch in your spec file.

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    Note that you can actually use the same Memcached server to access multiple Clusters – you configure this within the ndbmemcached database in the primary Cluster. In a production system you may want to include reconf=false amogst the -e parameters in order to stop configuration changes being applied to running Memcached servers (you’d need to restart those servers instead). Notice the “connectstring” – this allows the primary Cluster to be on a different machine to the Memcached API.

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