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How To CentOS / RHEL 7 Install Gnome Desktop Using

Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Running /root/incrediblebackup will create a backup image of your server in /tmp. To restore it to another Incredible PBX server, simply copy the image to a server running Asterisk 13 and the same version of the Incredible PBX GUI. We’re pleased to introduce our latest backup and restore utilities for Incredible PBX. This backup image then can be copied to any other medium desired for storage.

Decipher IP address and other info about your server: status. Make your root password very secure: passwd
Create admin password for GUI access: /root/admin-pw-change
Set your correct time zone: /root/timezone-setup
Create admin password for web apps: htpasswd /etc/pbx/wwwpasswd admin
Make a copy of your Knock codes: cat /root/knock.

Start by downloading the 64-bit CentOS 6. Burn the ISO to a DVD unless you’ll be booting from the ISO on a virtual machine platform such as VirtualBox. On virtual platforms, we recommend at least 1GB RAM and a 20GB dedicated drive. 9 minimal ISO or the CentOS 7 minimal ISO or. For those using a dedicated hardware platform or wishing to install CentOS as a virtual machine, the drill is the same. For VirtualBox, here are the settings:.

This howto guide shows you’ll how to enable EPEL repository under RHEL/CentOS 7/6/5 to install additional standard open source packages by using YUM command.

centos gui

Linux admin passe le plus clair de son temps à travailler dans un terminal, Il y a certains qui aiment à travailler sur le GUI au lieu de terminal.

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CentOS utilise les fichiers RPM qui sont des archives contenant des programmes prêt à l’emploi. Pour gérer les paquets système, CentOS utilise YUM.

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This guide will help you to install GUI on CentOS 7 on the top of the minimal server installation. Linux admins spend most of their time on working in a terminal; there are some who like to work on GUI instead of a terminal. By default, CentOS 7 installed as the minimal server, and user intervention is required to change the installation type.

The reason seems to be that Google always chooses Gmail chat as the inbound call destination if there are multiple registrations from the same IP address. Google Voice no longer is by invitation only so, if you’re in the U. Do it our way. We’ve tested this extensively using an existing Gmail account, and inbound calling is just not reliable. Or have a friend that is, head over to the Google Voice site and register. Set up a dedicated Gmail and Google Voice account, and use it exclusively with Incredible PBX. It’s free at least through 2013.

For command line configuration, skip to Section 20. To configure Samba using a graphical interface, use the Samba Server Configuration Tool.

MinimalCD images contain a minimum of packages required for a functional installation, with no compromises in security or network usability. These minimal images use the standard CentOS installer with all of its regular features minus the selection of packages. Yum can be used after the installation is completed to add or remove packages.

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