Centos network interface naming

centos network interface naming

How can I change the network interface name on a CentOS 7. And is this possible without adding a udev rule in the .

Choose Language and Click Continue
Click: Install Destination (do not change anything. )
Click: Done
Click: Network & Hostname
Click: ON
Click: Done
Click: Begin Installation
Click: Root Password: password, password, Click Done twice
Wait for Minimal Software Install and Setup to finish
Click: Reboot.

If the network interfaces on your server are named differently, use those names instead. Edit your network configuration files to match the network interface names listed in the. On CentOS and other Red Hat variants, the network interfaces are configured in individual.

The network interface naming now follows more closely the scheme used for aliasing block device nodes and other device nodes. Predictable Network Interface Names.

centos network interface naming

If it works, it probably means that there is a configuration error that requires to be fixed. If, on the contrary, the IP is still not working, please open a ticket to the support team via your Control Panel for further investigations. Next, simply ping your IPFO from the outside.

By default, CentOS 7 will kickstart and boot using predictable network interface names. This is useful when provisioning and using similar bare metal servers, but it isn’t very useful when provisioning and using disparate bare metal servers and virtual machines.

Note that it is still your responsibility to configure the renamed interface. , IPv4 settings, firewall rules) is based on the old name (before change), you need to update network configuration to reflect the name change. If the network configuration (e.

centos network interface naming

9 thoughts on “How to change a network interface name on. CentOS/RHEL 6 has introduced a method for consistent and predictable network device naming for.

To be sure it is not installed during the kickstart process, add -biosdevname to the %packages section of the Kickstart Profile. Biosdevname is the package responsible for implementing predictive network interface names and is not needed if you want to turn off this feature.

An example of the file is below:. The process for Centos is slightly different in that you create a new interface file. Make a copy of ifcfg-eth0 for each IP you wish to add and name. An example of the file is below:Screen 1.

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centos network interface naming

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