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check hosting provider by ip

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check hosting provider by ip

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    We chose 1950 Stemmons and 2323 Bryan Street, two major regional carrier hotels, as our points of presence in Dallas. 5 million square feet. Also known as The Infomart, 1950 Stemmons is one of the largest buildings in Dallas, measuring at over 1. Power and connectivity are plentiful at the Infomart; the building has four diverse power feeds and 100+ carriers redundantly built into the building.

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    We’re opening a brand new Tokyo facility next month. This will enable customers in the region to take advantage of several recent Linode announcements: KVM hypervisor, our latest plan specs including double the RAM and SSD servers, and mass availability. Stay tuned for the announcement within the next few weeks.

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    According to the EIU Country Profile, Bangladesh accounts for 90 percent of world jute fiber exports. 3 billion in 1997-98 to the country’s export earnings and Tk11. 7 billion in 1998-99. The jute processing enterprises are vulnerable to downturns in the regional and international market and experienced some recession in 1998-99. Most of Bangladeshi jute goods are produced in large state-controlled enterprises for export to the United States, Europe, and other markets, contributing Tk13. However, these jute processing businesses still have plenty of the cheap local supply of raw materials and, if they continue to improve the quality of their products, with efficient management and marketing they may expand their export potential. Additionally, during the last few years the demand for jute in the international market has been in decline due to increasing use of synthetic materials in the areas where jute was previously used.

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    Programs are aired nationwide and to the other countries of South Asia, South and Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and the US. There are FM facilities in Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Rang-pur and Khulna. The BTV covers 95 percent of the population with relay stations in Dhaka, Rangpur, Mymensingh, Noakhali, Satkhira, Sylhet, Khulna, Natore, Rangamal, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Jenaidah, Thajurgaon, Brahmanpura and Patunkhali. 5 million sets in 2001. As for television, there were 15 broadcast stations in 1999 with an estimated 1. The Betar Radio (BR) has eight radio stations in Dhaka, including one for overseas service.

  5. JBlack Post authorReply

    6, and during a two-week war (Dec. There are several universities, including ones at Chittagong, Dhaka, Mymensingh, and Rajshahi. Bangladesh (bäng-lädĕsh´, băng–) [Bengali,=Bengal nation], officially People’s Republic of Bangladesh, republic (2005 est. , 2013, the government resigned prior to the establishment of an all-party government and the setting of the Jan. Except for natural gas (found along its eastern border), limited quantities of oil (in the Bay of Bengal), coal, and some uranium, Bangladesh possesses few minerals. Pakistan’s two provinces, which differed considerably in natural setting, economy, and historical background, were separated from each other by more than 1,000 mi (1,610 km) of India. Zia ur-Rahman emerged as ruler, beginning a period of military control that lasted into the 1990s. After a succession of Muslim rulers, it was conquered by Akbar, the great Mughal emperor in 1576. It receives an average annual rainfall of 80 in. Continuing disagreements over the handling of the elections led to sometimes violent demonstrations and transportation blockades by the Awami League and its allies, and in Jan. In July, 2001, a caretaker government headed by Latifur Rahman was appointed in advance of parliamentary elections in October. In June, 2010, the BNP mounted a protest strike against the government, and there also were protests by textile workers over low wages. Government

    Bangladesh is governed by the constitution of 1972 as amended. As she struggled with the country’s ongoing economic problems, a series of opposition-led strikes, beginning in 1998, once again paralyzed the country. Pakistan consisted of two “wings,” one to the west of India, and the other to the east. He was forced to resign in Dec. Rejecting Pakistan’s call for a reunited country, Sheikh Mujib began to rehabilitate an economy devastated by the war. Relations with Pakistan were hostile; Pakistan withheld recognition from Bangladesh, and Bangladesh and India refused to repatriate more than 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of war who had surrendered at the end of the conflict. The government’s attempts to forestall the autonomy bid led to general strikes and nonpayment of taxes in East Pakistan and finally to civil war on Mar. After a series of general strikes called by the opposition, parliament was dissolved in Nov. Despite Mujib’s popularity as the founder of independent Bangladesh, high rates of inflation and a severe famine (1974) resulted in a governmental crisis. Zia and the BNP asserted the election was rigged, but foreign observers called the contest credible. , 2007, but Ahmed remained in office in the absence of a functioning parliament. Armed Bengali “freedom fighters” fought Bihari civilians in Bangladesh, particularly after Indian troops withdrew from Bangladesh in Mar. Along with other incidents in 2012–13, including one in which more than 100 were killed in a fire, the worst industrial disaster since the Bhopal gas leak (1984) focused international attention on poor working conditions, limited worker rights, and low pay in the garment industry, Bangladesh’s most important export industry. The head of state is the president, a largely ceremonial position, and the head of government is the prime minister. Bengal was divided by the British in 1905 into West Bengal and East Bengal, with East Bengal being more or less coterminous with modern Bangladesh. Along the southwestern coast is the Sundarbans, a mangrove swamp area with numerous low islands. In 1972 the country’s major industries, banks, and shipping and insurance firms were nationalized. Fighting raged in Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Sylhet, Jessore, Barisal, Rangpur, and Khulna. , 2009, Sheikh Hasina Wazed became prime minister, ending interim rule. The new government, which was backed by the military, subsequently moved to clean up the electoral rolls and attack political corruption. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 several members of the opposition, mainly from Jamaat e-Islami, an Islamist party aligned with the BNP that had opposed Bangladesh’s independence, were convicted of committing war crimes during the war for independence. Hussain Mohammad Ershad, who assumed the presidency. The country’s economy is based on agriculture. Finally India allied itself with Bangladesh, which it had recognized on Dec. Rice, jute, tea, wheat, sugarcane, and tobacco are the chief crops. Elections held in Feb. Bangladesh borders on the Bay of Bengal in the south; on the Indian states of West Bengal in the west and north, Assam and Meghalaya in the northeast, and Tripura and Mizoram in the east; and on Myanmar in the southeast. Zia and the BNP won a landslide victory in the voting, and she again became prime minister. History

    Before Independence

    The history of Bangladesh is related to that of the larger area of Bengal, which became independent of Delhi by 1341. , 2013, the collapse of a building housing garment factories in Savar killed more than 1,100 people. The cyclones of 1970 and 1991 and the monsoon floods of 1988, 1998, and 2004 were particularly devastating. The great majority of Bangladesh’s population is Bengali, although Biharis and several tribal groups constitute significant minority communities. 3–16) defeated the Pakistani forces in the east. , 1995; major opposition parties also boycotted the ensuing Feb. The eastern section was constituted from the eastern portion of Bengal and the former Sylhet district of Assam and was known until 1955 as East Bengal and then as East Pakistan. Wazed and then Zia were subsequently charged with corruption. The low-lying delta region is subject to severe flooding from monsoon rains, cyclones (hurricanes), and storm surges that bring major crop damage and high loss of life. The East Pakistanis, who comprised 56% of the total population of Pakistan, were discontented under a government centered in West Pakistan; the disparity in government investments and development funds given to each province also added to the resentment. On the following day the Awami League’s leaders proclaimed the independence of Bangladesh. The BNP subsequently called for a nationwide strike and rejection of the government, but the situation remained relatively quiet until Jan. Capital goods, chemicals, iron and steel, textiles, food, and petroleum products are the major imports. Dhaka is the capital and largest city; the nation’s other major city is Chittagong. An extremely strong cyclone in April, 1991, killed more than 138,000 and devastated coastal areas, especially in the southeast. Economy

    Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest nations, with overpopulation adding to its economic woes, and it is heavily reliant on foreign aid. In 1994, nearly all opposition members of parliament denounced Zia’s government as corrupt and resigned their seats. Deadly attacks on rallies in Aug. 144,320,000), 55,126 sq mi (142,776 sq km), S Asia. Subsequently, India and Pakistan reached consensus on the release of Pakistani prisoners of war and the exchange of hostage populations. , 1970, general elections, the Awami League under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (generally known as Sheikh Mujib) won practically all of East Pakistan’s seats and thus achieved a majority in the Pakistan National Assembly. , 1991, brought the Bangladesh Nationalist party (BNP) to power, and Khaleda Zia ur-Rahman, the widow of Zia ur-Rahman, became prime minister. Fishing is also an important economic activity, and beef, dairy products, and poultry are also produced. Some 200 minor bomb attacks occurred in 60 cities and towns on Aug. The opposition ultimately boycotted the elections, and the campaign and vote was marred by violence. The president’s term ended in Sept. In an effort to gain legitimacy, Ershad later resigned his military office and won a disputed presidential election. , 1972, he set up a government and assumed the premiership; Abu Sayeed Choudhury became president. By the beginning of the 18th cent. A new series of opposition-sponsored protests and strikes were mounted in 2011 and 2012. In addition to clothing, jute, and jute products, exports include tea, leather, fish, and shrimp. Western Europe, the United States, India, and China are the main trading partners. Bangladesh is the world’s largest producer of jute. , 1990, amid charges of corruption, for which he was jailed (1990–96, 2000–2001); he was convicted on additional charges in 2006 but sentenced to time already served. The Awami League won the vote in a landslide, and in Jan. Pakistan officially recognized Bangladesh in Feb. , 2008, the government finally ended the state of emergency two weeks before new parliamentary elections; both former prime ministers subsequently campaigned. Administratively, the nation is divided into 6 divisions, which are subdivided into 64 districts. After the United Nations and European Union withdrew their support for the election, the president declared a state of emergency, resigned as chief adviser and appointed Fakhruddin Ahmed, an economist and former central bank governor, to the post, and postponed the elections. There is a 300-seat unicameral National Parliament, whose members are popularly elected from constiuencies for five-year terms. Except for the Chittagong Hills along the Myanmar border, most of the country is no more than 300 ft (90 m) above sea level. In 1981, Zia was himself assassinated in a failed coup attempt; his successor was replaced (1982) in a bloodless coup by Lt. There were a number of protests and worker unrest in response to the collapse, and the government promised improvements in working conditions and worker rights. , 2015, when the BNP mounted a transportation blockade against the government. In the end, President Iajuddin Ahmed appointed himself chief adviser to the interim administration. Remittances from several million Bangladeshis working abroad are the second largest source of foreign income. Meanwhile, in May and June, there were protests and rioting by garment workers over working conditions; a number of factories were burned, and hundreds were vandalized. Independence to the Present

    The movement for greater autonomy gained momentum when, in the Dec. The issue of who should head the caretaker government in the intervening months became a contentious one in the weeks proceeding the resignation, and the BNP, Awami League, and other parties failed to reach an agreement, leading to violent clashes between the parties’ supporters. (Jamaamt e-Islami was also declared illegal. Land and People

    A humid, low-lying, alluvial region, Bangladesh is composed mainly of the great combined delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers. Sheikh Mujib, who had been chosen president while in prison in West Pakistan, was released, and in Jan. About 83% of the population is Sunni Muslim and 16% is Hindu. A number of prominent political and business figures were arrested on corruption charges, and Hasina Wazed and other political leaders were charged with murder in connection with political violence. The Awami League and its allies halted their protests as Fakhruddin Ahmed formed a cabinet. Awami League efforts to undermine the government in 2006 included a “blockade” of Dhaka in June that resulted in clashes with the police, and led to a 36-hour general strike. In 1975, after becoming president under a new constitutional system, he was assassinated in a military coup; after two additional coups later in the year, Maj. There was a brief maritime standoff in the Bay of Bengal between Bangladesh and Myanmar in November when Bangladeshi naval vessels confronted Myanmarese oil-and-gas exploration ships in disputed waters. Since the new province had a majority Muslim population, the partition was welcomed by Muslims, but it was fiercely resented by Indian nationalist leaders who saw it as an attempt to drive a wedge between Muslims and Hindus. Efforts over the years to secure increased economic benefits and political reforms proved unsuccessful, and serious riots broke out in 1968 and 1969. Bangladesh is laced with numerous streams, distributaries, and tidal creeks, forming an intricate network of waterways that constitutes the country’s chief transportation system. Amid a low voter turnout, the Awami League and its allies won undisputed control of parliament. Dhaka and Chittagong (the country’s chief port) are the principal industrial centers; clothing and cotton textiles, jute products, newsprint, and chemical fertilizers are manufactured, and tea is processed. Bangladesh was gradually recognized by most of the world’s nations. , 2014, election date, but the opposition demanded the appointment of a caretaker government. In the months following the attacks the government moved to arrest members of the groups, and Islamic extremist mounted additional attacks, including ones involving suicide bombers. Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate with a distinct dry season in the winter. New elections held in June, 1996, resulted in a victory for the opposition Awami League, led by Hasina Wazed, daughter of Bangladesh’s first prime minister. Tensions were eased in July, 1972, when President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan (who assumed power after the fall of the Yahya Khan government) and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India agreed to peacefully settle the differences between their countries. Wage protests recurred in late July, marked then by riots; in August a number of labor leaders were arrested on charges of inciting violence. Bangladesh has a predominantly rural population, with over 65% of the workforce engaged in agriculture. , 2005, provoked a series of nationwide and local strikes and protests by the League, which accused the government of trying to assassinate Hasina Wazed. , 1970, an extremely deadly cyclone devastated Chittagong and many coastal villages and killed some 300,000 people. President Muhammad Agha Yahya Khan, hoping to avert a political confrontation between East and West Pakistan, twice postponed the opening session of the national assembly. , 2009; the uprising was centered at the Bangladesh Rifles headquarters in Dhaka. More than 70 persons were killed, most of them regular army officers assigned to the forces who were murdered by mutineers; some 6,800 were ultimately convicted of involvement in the mutiny, and more than 150 sentenced to death. Paramilitary border guards mutinied in Feb. , 2007, that 14-party alliance announced that it would boycott the elections. Bangladesh is one of the world’s ten most populated countries and has one of the highest population densities (about 2,100 people per sq mi/810 people per sq km). During the months of conflict an estimated one million Bengalis were killed in East Pakistan and another 10 million fled into exile in India. In 2003 the Awami League began a series of rallies and occasional strikes to mobilize opposition to the government. , 2004, and Jan. Zia was returned to power, but the opposition mounted protests; she resigned and an interim government headed by Habibur Rahman was installed. Bangla (Bengali) is the nation’s official language, and English is used in urban centers. The attacks appeared to be the work of militants who favor the establishment of Islamic rule in Bangladesh; two militant groups had been banned in Feb. (203 cm), with most falling during the summer monsoon period; the Sylhet district in the northeast is the wettest part of the country, having an annual average rainfall of 140 in. It joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1972 and was admitted to the United Nations in 1974. ) The opposition claimed the trials were politically motivated, and the series of verdicts, most of them involving death sentences, led to strikes and rioting by Islamists. Zia’s government resigned in October in preparation for the Jan. The partition was withdrawn in 1911, but it had pointed the way to the events of 1947, when British India was partitioned into the states of India and Pakistan. , the governor of the province was virtually independent, but he lost control to the British East India Company, which after 1775 was the effective ruler of the vast area, which also included the Indian states of West Bengal, Odisha (Orissa), Jharkhand, and Bihar. The government moved in April, 2007, to exile Wazed and Khaleda Zia, but then reversed itself. , 2007, Bangladesh experienced two spells of extensive and devastating flooding due to monsoon rains, and in November a cyclone caused extensive damage in the southwest, killing more than 3,000. The major political parties are the Bangladesh Nationalist party and the Awami League.

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    Summarising for two USB port tablets
    USB Type A USB micro
    —————— —————
    Archos G9 Host HS only Full OTG functionality
    (requires hub for FS) (ie works fully).

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    I got things to work very well with the Arduino Uno – so I know the Android side can work – and I can see the Vendor ID and Device ID for the TI module when I iterate devices (Decimal 1105 for the vendor and decimal 62514 for the device), but things keep crashing and no data is ever exchanged as far as I can see. I am in a similar environment – needing to get the Android Serial USB OTG interface working with a TI Launchpad which uses the TUSB3140 module for UART USB like your setup does.

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    For this kernel to be identified as the GENERIC kernel by freebsd-update. Users may wish to make a backup of /etc and manually merge important files.

  9. -ERROS- Post authorReply

    Die erneute Übersetzung und Installation eines neuen, angepassten Kernels kann dann auf die übliche Art und Weise durchgeführt werden. Solange die Standardkonfiguration in /etc/freebsd-update. Conf nicht geändert wurde, wird freebsd-update die aktualisierten Quellcodedateien des Kernels zusammen mit dem Rest der Neuerungen installieren.

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    , Cyberghost and Pure VPN. The best VPN services include Nord, HideMyAss.

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    Pkgは、次世代パッケージ管理システムとそのコマンドです。 FreeBSD 10-CURRENT から採用されました。FreeBSD 9.

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    Amazon Web Services and VMware vCloud Air. MS Exchange 2010/2013 Optimized.

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