Command to add static route in centos

command to add static route in centos

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HAProxy maintains tons of detailed information on connections. In the following section, we will discuss the use of ACLs and stick-tables to block clients that do not respect sane limits. One can use this information to accept, block or route connections.

To add default gateway IP 192. 254 using eth0, enter:
# route add default gw 192. 254 eth0
And ip command can be used as follows
# ip route add 192. 0/24 dev eth0
Edit /etc/sysconfig/network and make route persistence after reboot:
# vi /etc/sysconfig/network
Add / edit GATEWAY line as follows

You may start using the OS as soon as you install it, but to make the most out of your system you need to perform a few updates, install a few packages, configure certain services and application. CentOS is a Industry Standard Linux Distribution which is a derivative of RedHat Enterprise Linux.

FAQ: static routes after restart/reboot in Fedora/RedHat ...

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Explains how to add routeing IP to CentOS Linux using command route and ip command line and/or config file options.

Reboot or Shutdown Linux Server from remote or local computer with command prompt. How to Track Progress % of Commands (cp,dd,tar) in CentOS 6 / Fedora. How To Use Linux Route Add Command. HowTo : Permanently Add Static Route In Linux Next Article.

command to add static route in centos

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On CentOS 5 I manually added a static route to make all packets to one specific IP address use the second network interface: ip route add 123.

0/24 you are only telling the machine where to send the packets. When you specify a route, in your example 192. How To Add Static Routes In CentOS.

1) for network 192. If the /etc/gateways file exists, the in. We can also use the /etc/gateways file to add static routes. 0, edit the /etc/gateways file and add below entry. Routed daemon reads the file when it starts. Now to add a static route (192.

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