Debian quake 2 server repository

This document assumes you’re running linux on both the server and the box you use to connect to the server (via ssh) to configure it. If you’re running win32, you’ll obviously need to get a ssh / scp client like putty for that OS first. If this sounds strange to you get some info on linux and ssh before you try to use this howto.

This package is not in any development repository. [2011-11-20] quake 2 MIGRATED to testing (Debian testing watch).

You may redistribute and/or modify this document as long as you comply with the terms of the GNU Free Documentation Licence. Copyright spirit 2007

I will not accept any responsibility for any incorrect information within this document, nor for any damage it might cause when applied.

It uses screen (a unix screen manager) to run the quake server in a detached screen session named r1q2. The name of the screen session (‘r1q2’)can be used to bring the server back to your terminal by logging in via ssh or whatever and restoring the detached screen session of the server by typing. Because quake2 is not a daemon process, it is attached to your terminal session and your q2 server would go down if you didn’t use screen and quit the shell (type ‘exit’ or ‘logout’ in ssh/bash). Read ‘man screen’ if you don’t know how to use screen. This isn’t what we want, so we use screen. This is needed to keep the quake server running when you disconnect from the remote host. Make sure to read Appendix C : Some words on screen of this document if you don’t know screen. So what does that script do.

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By default, the hotkey is select so that means you hold down select while pressing another button to execute a command. Hotkeys enable you to press a combination of buttons to access functions such as saving, loading, and exiting emulators. The following chart shows the default hotkey combinations. Note that hotkeys are only specific to the retroarch/libretro based emulators.

View package lists View the packages in the stable distribution. This is the latest official release of the Debian distribution. This is stable and well tested.

We’ve adopted this code and have made numerous fixes, updates and enhancements to it so that Mac and Linux users can have a stable, feature-rich Quake II client. Here you’ll find pre-compiled packages of classic Quake II for Mac OSX and 64 bit GNU/Linux by the Quetoo project. Some of my changes include:. These builds are based on the abandoned AprQ2 project by maniac.

Also be sure to base the mods server. A note about adding mods In order to run another mod besides baseq2 the “game” setting must be passed at startup. In this dockerized setup the command that is executed at startup is set in the Dockerfile file. Change the line that beings with ‘CMD to add something ‘+set game ‘, then rebuild the image. Cfg off the one found in baseq2/.

Well I’ve been looking for a way to get some audio out of Quake for NeXTSTEP and it’s. Posted in basic, Qbasic. Virtual server (3) *virtual server 2005R2 sp1 (1) *VirtualBox (13) *virtualization (5). I found this repository by accident, cbmbasic which is a ‘portable’ version of the old.

Nice research on Quake 4. It is easy to install; it has a vast repository of software; it is stable and friendly;. In the communication section. Not only was the title sold only for Windows and Macintosh, it. Debian deserves a long round of applause, especially since many of the most excellent.

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