Domain name suggestions based on keywords

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It’s also good to have keywords in your domain name if you are only going to target that particular niche. The newer domain extension might be ok but dot com and. Every domain name worth buying should be bought if that gives a brand advantage over it’s competitors. Every big name we know such as google, bing, amazon, yahoo and million others has dot com domain names because they knew it’s worth having one. You are right, people just loves to visits sites whose domain name is usually dot com.

Uniqueness is something to always strive for. Heck, even your name as a domain name can be a good thing when you look at it from a uniqueness angle. Google loves content that is unique, so why wouldn’t she love a unique URL that is linked to a brand, blog or product.

That NameBoy domain name search allows you to login and save available domain names cart for later domain registration. All of your available domain names will be saved in your domain name search cart. Just click ‘Login’ in the upper-right corner of any NameBoy domain search page.

11 Great Domain Suggestion Tools To Hunt A Perfect Domain

After all, someone has to pay for Danica to show up wearing a swimsuit in a superbowl ad. Thanks for the article. I’ve had numerous clients who have attempted websites on their own using GoDaddy only to end up with expensive fees and services that they don’t need, but only because an offer popped up during a strategic moment in the domain registration process. Good tips all, except for the part about using GoDaddy. The first thing I do is transfer their domain and hosting to another provider who gives reliable service and reasonable fees. It has been my experience as a web/brand developer that their website is so rigged with unnecessary website and hosting add-ons that it’s like navigating a mud-run in a haunted house.

Get smart domain name suggestions using synonyms, suffixes, prefixes, short url, new gtlds to find the perfect domain name. Generate ideas for social user names and check availability for free.

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This is implemented into both the domain checker and shopping cart domain lookup features. Feature that provides intelligent automated suggestions based on the domain or keywords a. Class Based API Documentation. Domain Namespinning is the name given to the.

Once you decide to start a business you have to consider several business names only to finalize one. Naming is important whether it is for an individual or for a business. The same holds true in case of domain name selection. You have to do a rigorous domain name search to ensure that it defines your business the very best and also makes sense to target audience.

Most importantly if you want to change the domain after a year or so, you will loose all its value gained through search engines and visitors. Don’t be in a hurry to launch your site as you will not get a second chance to change your domain name. Hosting server can be changed but not domain identity. Once it is registered it can’t be modified ever. That is sure a big loss. The only option left with you is to delete this domain, keep it inactive or sell it to others at lesser price.

That can create some confusion. A user may look at the name and get the impression that you are officially associated with that brand, franchise or company. Think of the domain name as a name in-front of your store in this context. If you wrote a blog post using that name (like you are reporting a story) then that is totally fine. When a newspaper is reporting a story, it is not exactly the same.

The other downside to using hyphens is that they tend to actually not be unique. Com, then people who remember your name and type it into the search bar will more than likely forget the hyphen. Com and you register Example-Domain. If someone else already uses ExampleDomain.

domain name suggestions based on keywords

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