Fedora zen kernel

fedora zen kernel

Which is compiled into the linux-zen kernel as well as many kernels in the . 1 Kernel parameter (for a single device); 2.

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MuQSS is available either as a stand-alone patch or as part of a wider patchset, the -ck patchset. An alternative scheduler designed to be used on desktop computers is MuQSS, developed by Con Kolivas, which is focused on desktop interactivity and responsiveness. See Linux-ck and Linux-pf for more information on the patchset.

Note, however, that when building or . This document provides instructions for advanced users who want to rebuild the kernel from some source.

PSA: How AMD Ryzen (and Zen) may impact your bash / python scripts: L3 Cache Reporting. I tried also some Linux distributions (Debian, Fedora) and Xen/KVM. VMware vSphere ESXi 5. 0 shows the same error in the kernel log:. They won’t even boot.

Tutorial: Configure, Compile & Install the Zen Kernel in Fedora 16 (Part 1) Social Media Contacts:.

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The two are generally similar in intent although not operation: zswap operates as a compressed RAM cache and neither requires (nor permits) extensive userspace configuration. Similar benefits (at similar costs) can be achieved using zswap rather than zram.

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Memory performance depends on both values. RAM can run at different clock frequencies and timings, which can be configured in the BIOS. Selecting the highest preset presented by the BIOS usually improves the performance over the default setting. Note that increasing the frequency to values not supported by both motherboard and RAM vendor is overclocking, and similar risks and disdvantages apply, see #Overclocking.

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