Free domain name registration .me

free domain name registration .me

The key contrast here is with the Guardian, which is willing – and able because of its ownership by a trust – to measure its success in influence as well as money. Editor Alan Rusbridger, outlined in January the extent to which the Internet has made the paper a global voice.

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And even if they didn’t, it’s not the kind of straightforward corruption where there is an obvious chain where you can say, money here, policy there. CNN cites Public Citizen as the source of the news that 60 percent of PACS spend their funds on promoting a single candidate, and that often these are set up and run by families, close associates, or friends of the politicians they support. US News has a handy list of the top 12 donors willing to be identified. Their interests vary; it’s not like they’re all ganging up on the rest of us with a clear congruence of policy desires; similarly, SuperPACs cover causes I like as well as causes I don’t.

” The really positive thing, he says, is that, “The speed and quality of innovation are speeding up and not slowing down. If you believe that quality of innovation is the key to a successful business, as I do, then this is a good era. I think we are quite well placed to do that. “It’s just the bottom of the cycle, and people my age have been through this a number of times before. We have got to go after the high end of innovation – advanced manufacturing and the knowledge-based economy. If you just look at the deals I’m seeing at the moment, they’re better than any deals I’ve seen in my entire life. ” Fortunately, Amadeus had just raised a fund when the recession began, so it still has money to invest; life is, he admits, less fun for “the poor buggers who have to raise funds. Though many people are panicking, I know that normally we come out the other end.

free domain name registration .me

3699), which would bar government agencies from mandating that the results of publicly funded research be made accessible to the public. “The anti-open access bill is such a great example of the money story,” he says, referring to the Research Works Act (H. The target is the National Institutes of Health, which adopted such a policy in 2008; the backers are journal publishers.

Uk (but please turn off HTML). Grossman’s Web site has an extensive archive of her books, articles, and music, and an archive of all the earlier columns in this series. Readers are welcome to post here, at net. Wars home, at her personal blog, or by email to [email protected]

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free domain name registration .me

Phorm’s service, however, does not build user profiles. Tailoring advertising to the clickstream of user interests is of course endemic online now; it’s how Google does AdSense, and it’s why that company bought DoubleClick, which more or less invented the business of building up user profiles to create personalized ads.

An ounce just buys a lot more dollars now than it did and someday will be tradable for wagonloads of massively devalued fiat currencies. If gold is your sun and other currencies revolve around it like imaginary moths, nothing’s happened. That’s if you view the world from the vantage point of the dollar. You don’t buy gold; you convert your worthless promises into real stored value.

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“It would be great if you could filter the feed by putting on “stop” words,” someone said. Yes, and “go” words, too, so you could select what kind of thing you wanted to get when. Others have had this same thought and there is in fact something that does it. You don’t need many Twits on your list for the tweet stream to become unmanageable.

Since he doesn’t fly, presenting the new service were Tom Loosemore, Stefan Mogdalinski, and Danny O’Brien, who pointed out that when you start looking at the decisions and debates you start to see strange patterns: what do the US and Israel have in common with Palau and Micronesia. The driving force behind UNdemocracy. In a related but not entirely similar vein, the guys who brought us They Work For You nearly four years ago are back with UN democracy, an attempt to provide a signalling function to the United Nations> by making it easy to find out how your national representatives are voting in UN meetings. Com is Liverpool’s Julian Todd, who took the UN’s URL obscurantism as a personal challenge.

free domain name registration .me

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