Freebsd dump restore zfs

The internal partitioning provided by allocation groups can be especially beneficial when the file system spans multiple physical devices, allowing for optimal usage of throughput of the underlying storage components. This architecture helps to optimize parallel I/O performance on systems with multiple processors and/or cores, as metadata updates can also be parallelized.

The exact CPU model may also make a difference (even for software virtualization) because different CPUs support different features, which may affect certain aspects of guest CPU operation. This category of issues is typically related to the host CPU. Is the problem specific to certain host hardware. Because of significant differences between VT-x and AMD-V, problems may be specific to one or the other technology.

The VM core file contain the memory and CPU dumps of the VM and can be useful for debugging your guest OS. VirtualBox uses the 64-bit ELF format for its VM core files created by VBoxManage debugvm; see Section 8. The 64-bit ELF object format specification can be obtained here:

Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010, and since that time Oracle's hardware and software engineers have worked side-by-side to build fully integrated.

zfs send -Rv [email protected]`date +%d. %Y`-bootdir
zfs snapshot -r [email protected]`date +%d. -type f -mtime +60d -delete;. %Y`-zroot
zfs send -Rv [email protected]`date +%d. %Y`-bootdir | gzip > /backups/bootdir/`date +%d. %Y`-zroot | gzip > /backups/zroot/`date +%d. Gz
zfs destroy -r [email protected]`date +%d. /bin/sh
zfs snapshot -r [email protected]`date +%d. Gz
zfs destroy -r [email protected]`date +%d. %Y`-zroot
cd /backups; find.

XFS implemented the DMAPI interface to support Hierarchical Storage Management in IRIX. As of October 2010, the Linux implementation of XFS supported the required on-disk metadata for DMAPI implementation, but the kernel support was reportedly not usable. For some time, SGI hosted a kernel tree which included the DMAPI hooks, but this support has not been adequately maintained, although kernel developers have stated an intention to bring this support up to date.

5 GB RAM assigned to the VM). Certain editions of Windows 2000 and 2003 servers support more than 4 GB RAM on 32-bit systems. The AMD PCnet network driver shipped with Windows Server 2003 fails to load if the 32-bit guest OS uses paging extensions (which will occur with more than approximately 3.

“Перенос FreeBSD (dump/restore) на меньший хард” + / – Сообщение от NewUse on 27-Мрт-11, 23:33 : Раньше переносил.

XFS makes use of lazy evaluation techniques for file allocation. This improves the chance that the file will be written in a contiguous group of blocks, reducing fragmentation problems and increasing performance. When a file is written to the buffer cache, rather than allocating extents for the data, XFS simply reserves the appropriate number of file system blocks for the data held in memory. The actual block allocation occurs only when the data is finally flushed to disk.

It will be bandwidth efficient, storage efficient and much faster than the other solutions. The best solution, however, is to use ZFS on the receiving side. The only really drawback I can think of is that you should have a minimum of 8 GiB ECC memory on that box (you might be fine with 4 GiB if you don’t run any services and only use it to zfs receive).

Ok, this is defiantly worth writing. Especially for new users Here i will cover how to backup/restore (to file) FreeBSD using native utilities called dump and restore.

A notable XFS user, NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division, takes advantage of these capabilities deploying two 300+ terabyte XFS filesystems on two SGI Altix archival storage servers, each of which is directly attached to multiple Fibre Channel disk arrays.

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