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As an aside I discovered that my Thinkpad X301 has a light above the keyboard, but the key combination to activate it sometimes needs to be pressed several times. One significant benefit of the keyboard in this Thinkpad is that it has a backlight instead of having a light on the top of the screen that shines on the keyboard. It might work better than the light above the keyboard and looks much cooler.

Com/ curl: (52) Empty reply from server. This following is what cURL says about a Nginx server returning an error 444. The server sent nothing back to the client and closed the connection. The client did not get any useful information about the server. Of course, if the lcient does not get a standard error reply the client might just try connecting over and over again. If you are paranoid about security or just do not want to provide and data to clients who cause errors, this is a good response for them. [email protected]: curl -I //www.

The most common build problem that people encounter is that the necessary X11 libraries are installed on their system however it does not have the corresponding -dev/-devel packages installed. These dev packages include C header files and build-time. (it diminishes the power of open source). It is a shame the current trend in distros is to not install the dev package by default when the the library runtime package is installed.

CentOS 6 builds lack support for TLS 1. Supporting just these is a problem already. 2+, as that requires GCC 4. 7 in the archive, used to keep building Firefox releases. 7+ – but I can’t just drop it, since Amazon Linux (used by a surprising number of people on AWS) is based on CentOS 6. 04 support requires build-dependencies on a secret Mozilla-team maintained copy of GCC 4.

Once it traps the screen change it will create a new framebuffer using the new screen. You enable it with the -xrandr option to make x11vnc monitor XRANDR events and also trap X server errors if the screen change occurred in the middle of an X call like XGetImage. As of Dec/2004 x11vnc supports XRANDR.

Often you will just have to type: x11vnc -rawfb console (you may need to enable the uinput driver on the system via “modprobe uinput; mknod /dev/input/uinput c 10 223”) If this does not find the correct frame buffer properties figure them out or guess them and use something like: x11vnc -rawfb /dev/[email protected] Also, to force usage of the uinput injection method use “-pipeinput UINPUT”. Yes, the basic method for this is the -rawfb scheme where the Linux console framebuffer (usually /dev/fb0) is polled and the uinput driver is used to inject keystrokes and mouse input. See the -pipeinput description for tunable parameters, etc.

SwissPost, like every postal agency, has seen traditional revenues drop and so they seek to generate more revenue from direct marketing and they are constantly looking for ways to extract and profit from data about the public. They are also a huge company with many employees: when dealing with vast amounts of data in any computer system, it only takes one employee to compromise everything: just think of how Edward Snowden was able to act alone to extract many of the NSA’s most valuable secrets.

In One Man Against The World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon, written by Tim Weiner in 2015, he dives into the Nixon story in unprecedented detail, thanks to the release of many more files from that time. I have been diving back into Watergate. In his very first page, he writes:.

The Video4Linux Capture device, /dev/video0, etc is either a Webcam or a TV capture device and needs to have its driver enabled in the kernel. See this FAQ for details. If specified via “-rawfb Video” then the pipeinput method “VID” is applied (it lets you change video parameters dynamically via keystrokes.

) Use “-xd_area 0” to disable the cutoff and trust all DAMAGE rectangles. If a scanline doesn’t intersect a recent DAMAGE rectangle, the scan is skipped. A 140×140 square, etc. ) You can use the “-xd_area A” option to adjust the size of the trusted DAMAGE rectangles. The larger rectangles are only used as hints to focus the traditional scanline polling (i. The default is 20000 pixels (e. To work around this deficiency, x11vnc currently only trusts small DAMAGE rectangles to contain real damage.

I wrote code to run on my device to receive the transmissions, decode the device-ID, and take different actions based upon the specific button pressed. Ultimately I bought around ten buttons, along with a radio-receiver and radio-transmitter modules for my ESP8266 device. As mentioned in my post I’ve recently been overhauling my in-house IoT buttons, and I decided to go down the route of using commercially-available buttons which broadcast signals via radio, rather than using IR, or WiFi. The advantage is that I don’t need to build any devices, or worry about 3D-printing a case – the commercially available buttons are cheap, water-proof, portable, and reliable, so why not use them.

) in the above Solaris build script to run the configure command. Tv_usec = (x) % 1000000; select(0, NULL, NULL, NULL, &_tmp_usleep_tv); int gethostname(char *name, int namelen); long random(); int srandom(unsigned int seed); #undef LIBVNCSERVER_HAVE_LIBPTHREAD #define SHUT_RDWR 2 typedef unsigned int in_addr_t; #define snprintf(a, n, args. That should succeed without failure. H file in the source tree, and just before the last #endif at the bottom of that file insert these workaround lines: struct timeval _tmp_usleep_tv; #define usleep(x) _tmp_usleep_tv. First use the environment settings (CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc. ) sprintf((a), ## args). Then you have to hand edit the autogenerated rfb/rfbconfig. Tv_sec = (x) / 1000000; _tmp_usleep_tv.

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