Freebsd pkg query format

Rprofile is R’s current working directory. Another potentially useful setting to change in. Also beware the dangers of loading many functions by default: it may make your code less portable. If you want R to automatically set the working directory to the R folder of your project, for example, one would add the following line of code to the project-specific.

При загрузке с LiveCD, также необходимо смонтировать раздел /tmp, либо задать путь в переменной окружения TMPDIR, при нехватке свободного пространства в /tmp возникнет ошибка. Восстановление файловой системы из резервной копии в текущую папку. Перед восстановлением файловую систему необходимо отформатировать (newfs), смонтировать (mount), сделать текущей папкой (cd).

When used with -r (restore) it reads an archive previously created via pkg backup -d and recreates the database according to the information from the archive. When used with -d (dump) it exports the whole database in an archive (txz); each package’s information is exported as a yaml+mtree file.

In 2015 Revolution R supported these results with slightly faster run times for certain benchmarks on Ubuntu than Mac systems. The data from the benchmarkme package also suggests that running code under the Linux OS is marginally faster. Benchmarking conducted for a presentation “R on Different Platforms” at useR 2006 found that R was marginally faster on Windows than Linux set-ups. Similar results were reported in an academic paper, with R completing statistical analyses faster on a Linux than Mac OS’s (Sekhon 2006).

Advanced Format is a term for any modern SSD or hard disk sector format storing data on. Cat freebsd-update fetch install; /usr/sbin/pkg clean -ay; for i in /var/db/freebsd-. Use “diskinfo” to query the disk partition and look for the “stripeoffset” value.

Pkg query [–all] <query-format> pkg query –file <pkg-file> <query-format> pkg query –evaluate <evaluation-condition> <query-format> pkg query .

10: here and there CFEngine 3 pkgng package method Monitoring PKGNG in Zabbix, Part I – Package Statistics Monitoring PKGNG in Zabbix, Part II – Database Audits Introduction to writing plugins for pkgng in FreeBSD Building packages for pkgng with Jenkins and poudriere Libpkg Doxygen Documentation perl bindings chef support Python wrappers for libpkg. Links puppet provider ruby bindings salt native support since 0.

Html How to run your own repository Full binary upgrade article README FAQ //blog. Html tinderbox + pkgng tinderbox and pkgng to maintain custom repositories. Html and more from DagErlingSmørgrav’s blog //ivoras.

Alternative interpreters have been developed to try to make R faster and, while promising, none of the following options has fully taken off. The former refers to the meaning of R commands, the latter refers to how the computer executes the commands. The R language can be separated from the R interpreter.

1 has fixes for find (was requiring the path argument in some cases, unlike GNU find), grep (fixes for -w handling), ntpd (wasn’t slewing time after large negative step), compile fixes for some configurations.

Even if we compile our software using the ports collection, the last stage before install is to create a package for the software. In FreeBSD, everything is a package. In order to instruct our system to use PKGng as the new package management tool, we have to edit /etc/make. Conf and add the following line:.

A friend told me that Viber (a free VoIP + messaging application for smartphones, similar to Skype) now has a Windows application and it works for him on Wine on Linux, so I just had to try it out on FreeBSD – and it works. I guess even Wine is mature enough on Windows 🙂 Viber has been a bit of a troublesome app for me on Android, with frequent lockups and.

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