Freebsd pkg unable to find catalogs

0MB/s 00:00
packagesite. 4MB/s 00:00
^C^C. Updating repository catalogue
digests. Txz 100% 1042KB 1. Txz 100% 5492KB 5.

Error: pkg: Unable to find catalogs. Home Debugging Tips Error: pkg: Unable to find catalogs.

FreeBSD: { url: “pkg+http://pkg. Pkg: Unable to find catalogs. [email protected]:/ # pkg install nano Updating repository catalogue.

Conf read as follows in my jail: FreeBSD. My copy of /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/FreeBSD.

Txz: No address record pkg: N. Updating repository catalogue pkg: PACKAGESITE/digests.

FreeBSD pkg repository not updating and thinks it is up to date. How can I find out which Mac apps are 32-bit.

Then probably you have an older version of pkg and pkg update will not work. To solve the problem we will install a newer version of pkg from ports and then we will.

9MB/s 00:01
Incremental update completed, 23038 packages processed:
0 packages updated, 0 removed and 23038 added. Txz 100% 1100KB 1. 1MB/s 00:00
packagesite. Txz 100% 5016KB 4. Pkg: Unable to find catalogs
[email protected]:/var/db/pkg # pkg -v
1. Pkg update -f
Updating repository catalogue

Pkg: Unable to find catalogs [email protected]:/var/db/pkg # pkg -v 1.

Осуществление правильного перехода в FreeBSD на новый пакетный
менеджер PKGNG. Org/portmgr/2014/02/03/time-to-bid-farewell-to-the-old-
pkg_-tools/ If you do not want to see this. Pkg: Unable to find catalogs.

Pkg: Unable to downgrade “FreeBSD” repo schema version 2013 (target version 2011) — change not found pkg: need to re-create repo FreeBSD to upgrade.

Pkg: Unable to find catalogs. Из базовой системы были удалены утилиты pkg_* (такие, как:.

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