Freebsd pkg vs ports

freebsd pkg vs ports

They may be old or unsupported. Note: Please do not download unofficial Minetest builds from the Google Play app store. They may be distributed under proprietary terms, without the source code, which makes them illegal to develop. The builds found there may contain excessive adverts or spyware.

However, when you need to customize compile time parameters, then there is nothing as easy and straight forward to use as FreeBSD. Also, FreeBSD comes with a very good package manager, pkg, which can be used to install 99% of your software just like you do with Linux using yum, apt-get, zypper, etc.

In any case, I’m probably not the only one to notice that things are rapidly changing in the world. This article is necessarily full of speculation because by definition, we have no idea what would happen if the Singularity scenario materialised. This is a collection of thoughts and reflections on what is going on in the world – as much a way of making sense of the world by putting things in writing as anything else. It is as if the components, the pieces of something as big as Singularity are being created and we’re all just waiting for something, a trigger which would start the big thing.

If the laptop is a ThinkPad, ThinkWiki is an excellent resource. For other types of laptops, try reading the SYSCTL VARIABLES section of man 4 acpi and check to see if there is an ACPI man page specific to the laptop’s vendor by typing apropos acpi. Sleep/suspend: Unfortunately, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) is not an exact science, meaning experimentation with various sysctl variables may be required to achieve successful sleep and suspend states on your particular laptop model. The Tuning with sysctl(8) section of the FreeBSD Handbook demonstrates how to determine the current sysctl values, modify a value, and make a modified value persist after a reboot.

OpenBSD – Page 8 – nixCraft

Symfoware blogで掲載した記事の一覧です。 大まかなカテゴリで分類しています。 Symfoware 運用・開発 Symfoware サーバーを起動する.

They have a marketing team, support (both commercial and a HUGE base of people writing blogs and tutorials), drivers, and now even every type of hardware for Linux in particular (phones, tablets, servers, desktops (think Chromebooks)), and so much more. I think Ubuntu was the primary reason that BSD is now fairly dead.

It’s come a long way and definitely is worth considering, if you have a 64-bit desktop/laptop. Make PC-BSD a very viable OS for the desktop. They’ve got the AppCafe which allows you to install myriad programs/apps. I have been using PC-BSD on my laptop and have not had any real issues with it at all. It now defaults to ZFS, so a 64-bit system is needed. Jails, an excellent backup utility, etc.

Running FreeBSD on Hyper-v – Kylie's blog

For some, this is the Holy Grail of the human condition: when we finally succeed in the creation of an Artificial Intelligence which would do all the work for us, we could be free and happy and spend our time pursuing. The “Technological singularity” is many things to many people. Well, I don’t know what we would pursue that an AI wouldn’t have already accomplished. For others, it’s the literal end of civilisation, either because the AI, especially if it learns from us, would be hostile as well as more capable of enacting this hostility, or that the AI would enable us to collectively “ascent”, in a way, similar to what’s going on in the Matrix movies, to something not necessarily human-formed. It’s usually assumed that the creation of a true, general Artificial Intelligence would trigger something like that, because the AI would think much faster than us, and would be free to create new generations of even better AIs without any limitations. One of my favourite books, Accelerando is basically a collection of ideas about what could happen. Strictly defined, it’s a point in (future) history where the technological progress would happen so fast that it’s literally impossible for human minds to grasp.

Know what I mean. Personally I prefer pkg, but it seems ports might still have an edge, even though it seems pkg is the future. I've read through section 5 of the handbook, but I find it tells me some info about the various commands, and provide some high level info, but I still can't 'see it' in my mind.

There is a FreeBSD port. You can compile minetest and minetest_game from sources or use pkg (on FreeBSD 9.

I run FreeBSD with ZFS on my servers and Linux or Hackintosh on my laptops. Until BSD variants fix sleep/hibernation they are useless in modern portable
world. I just do not want to shutdown the laptop I want to close the lid. I never was able to make sleep work using BSD on the laptop and it works out of the box on Linux and with some work using MacOSX on a non Apple laptop.

On one hand you have pkg_add (with -r arg. , etc) and on the other you have ports (with make clean install, s. Simple and maybe odd question (for some).

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