Freebsd pkgng frontend

freebsd pkgng frontend

Использование пакетного менеджера PKGNG во FreeBSD. Discussion in ‘Новости из Блогов’ started by Suicide, 23 Sep 2012.

O eventually gains FreeBSD base and kernel support. Designing Firmware Upgrades Around FreeBSD’s pkgng.

In the first post about monitoring FreeBSD pkgng in Zabbix, Part I, we’ve seen how to get some nice graphs of the disk space usage and number of.

Introduction to writing plugins for pkgng in FreeBSD. A library that provides all the package management in a safe way so one can write a new frontend.

I intend to develop, test and document a packagekit backend for pkgng, ideally with the view of being able to use an existing packagekit frontend such as Apper to install, remove and upgrade packages on a FreeBSD system. This will be written in C against the packagekit and libpkg APIs and glib, and the deliverable will be a. So file that can be used by PackageKit as a backend as well as the source code to compile it.

This is another reason (I think) why FreeBSD doesn't have a graphical package manager. Your graphical package manager will be just a front-end for the FreeBSD package management dedicated tools. If you want *BSD you . Graphical applications are software that has been PORTED to the BSD platform.

Pkcon search name NAME – Searches for a package by name. Pkcon update PACKAGE-NAME – Updates a package. Here are a few sample commands to try: pkcon get-details PACKAGE-NAME – Retrieves a summary of the package. Pkcon search group NAME – Searches for a package by group (these are basically ports categories, but with different names). The PackageKit CLI is called pkcon. Pkcon get-files PACKAGE-NAME – Retrieves a list of files for that package (must be installed) pkcon install PACKAGE-NAME – Installs a package. Pkcon remove PACKAGE-NAME – Removes a package. Pkcon resolve PACKAGE-NAME – Mainly an internal command, this shows the mapping from a package name to a package. Pkcon refresh – Updates the repository catalogues.

(probably works for DragonFly dpkg too) (via) []. FreeBSD gets a graphical front-end for pkg-ng.

X, for use when porting 0. Project page on Melange. Useful links PackageKit homepage. Porting guide for PackageKit 0. JustinMuniz’s GSoC2013 project SummerOfCode2013/pkgQtGtk covers very similar ground, so there will likely be overlap and co-operation.

Pkgng — tests/frontend autoupgrade. The BSDs (at least FreeBSD, DragonFly, and NetBSD) define their own namespace (aka “Owner”.

Pkg is the new package manager of FreeBSD. It was also slow due to the underlying infrastructure. Packages in FreeBSD used to be managed using several different commands, some of them with overlapping functionality (pkg_delete, pkg_deinstall). The new system is much faster due in part to the use of an SQLite database. Everyone who has ever used pkg_info knows what I am talking about. The whole system was functional but inefficient.

* The documentation is misleading to the point of being downright wrong. The FreeBSD manual page for pkg-repository claims that repositories contain files named packagesite. In fact, the pkg repo tool generates files named packagesite.

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