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And yeah, it still works. Also, for work I would sometimes need IBM Lotus Notes, as it’s our Universities’ groupware solution (think of that what you will). 1 running under a 32-bit [wine], which is a solution IBM officially recommended for running the software on Linux/UNIX a few years ago. While I couldn’t get the Linux version to run, our Domino servers still accept connections from older clients, so it’s Lotus Notes 6. And if you have Windows software wine can’t cope with.

If I need to check the status I use hwstat. Theo de Raadt on mix-and-matchin’ new ports with old kernel:.

8-RELEASE and Ports,
FreeBSD .

1 RC2 с установленным pf и без natd. Имеется сервер FreeBSD 8. Инет раздается DHCP + pf + опцией default router в rc.

Enable HWSTATS capability for VNIC. Remote-tracking branch 'freebsd/master' into hardened/current/. Add myself as a ports committer.

Also, double-check whether you removed all the side screws, or you may break some plastic holders of the front bezel by trying to lift it off with the screws still in place. When you’re at the top side, slide the locking mechanism while pushing the bezel off, or it’ll block you.

Mit der -d Option wird die Festplatte festgelegt, auf welcher die Installation vorgenommen werden soll. Mit der -s Option kann die Grösse des Swap-Bereiches festgelegt werden:. Alle auf der Festplatte liegenden Dateien werden dabei gelöscht. Nun kann mit Hilfe von zfsinstall die Installation vorgenommen werden. Mit der -p Option kann falls gewünscht einen alternativen Pool-Namen gesetzt werden.

Png images, so some of them will look a bit bad. Oh and by the way, I decided to make the screenshots 8-bit. But still better+smaller than JPEG for that purpose:. Let’s have a look at the software. Once again, it shall serve mostly as a meeting and sysadmin machine, with a little bit of private-use-fun added on top.

Here are the test systems, both running the latest Windows 10 Pro x64:. They didn’t claim this for all of their hardware however, so I’d like to look at some lower-end integrated GPUs today, the Intel HD Graphics 520 and the Intel HD Graphics 515. Today, I’m going to show the results of my tests on Intel Skylake hardware to see whether Intels’ claims are true, for Intel has said that some of their most modern integrated GPUs can indeed accelerate 10-bit video, at least when it comes to the expensive H.

Type the following command to see CPU temperature and battery information under FreeBSD operating system:. Hwstat command : Another command line tool to.

Remote-tracking branch ‘freebsd/master’ into hardened/current/. Enable HWSTATS capability for VNIC. Add myself
as a ports committer.

There are plenty of . I don’t think the apm command has existed for a while now — try the sysutils/
hwstat port (pulls battery info from ACPI).

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