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As every commit to libarchive may influence the build process of FreeBSD ports. Libarchive development in 2016 has been focusing on bug fixes and code.

Walker and other sleep researchers have done intriguing experiments showing how different parts of the sleep cycle transfer memories from short to long term storage, transfer physical skills into subconscious parts of the brain, discard short term memories that the conscious brain has tagged as being unwanted, and free up space for new knowledge acquisition. REM sleep appears to attempt to connect otherwise unrelated memories and bits of knowledge, inverting the association normally works in the brain, thus providing some concrete explanation for sleep’s role in creativity. When Walker gets into the biological reasons for sleep, one starts to understand why it’s so important. It’s not inactive at all, even outside of REM sleep. I think the part I found the most fascinating was the detailed analysis of what the brain is doing while you sleep. And (this research is fairly new), deep NREM sleep causes temporary physical changes in the brain that appear to be involved in flushing metabolic waste products away, including the plaque involved in Alzheimer’s.

I salute all the professors who are ad-hoc in nature and probably will never get a permanent position in their life. Also, with this new knowledge in hindsight, I take back all my comments I made last year and the year before for the pathetic education being put up by the State. Most teachers are bachelors as they are poor and cannot offer any security (either male or female) and for women, after marriage it actually makes no sense for them to continue in this profession. With teachers being paid pathetically/underpaid and almost 60% teachers being ad-hoc/adjunct teachers they have to find ways to have some sense of security.

Contracts seem to be given to big companies and there is no mention of what prerequisites or conditions were laid down by the Government for software development and deployment and if any checks were done to ensure that the software being developed was in according to government specifications or not. There is another worry that all are skirting around, the present dispensation/government’s mantra is ‘minimum government-maximum governance’ with digital technologies having all solutions which is leading to massive unemployment. Ideally this should all be in public domain so that questions can be asked and responsibility fixed if things go haywire, as currently they do not. There is no ‘lintian‘ for software to be implemented. Also from most of the stories/incidents I read in the newspapers, mainstream media and elsewhere it seems most software deployments done in India are done without having any system of internal checks and balances.

When speaking with Ars Technica, the researchers outlined the importance of open designs and questioned the reliability of certification:. In fact, a critical vulnerability called ROCA disclosed recently affects closed “smartcards” like the YubiKey 4 and allows full private key recovery from the public key if the key was generated on a vulnerable keycard.

On the “General” tab, please look for the “Track” option and choose “Real Time Communications devroom”. Real-Time Communications dev-room: deadline 23:59 UTC on 30 November. Link to talk submission. Please use the Pentabarf system to submit a talk proposal for the dev-room.

$(SOURCE_DIR) is a directory with package source and $(BUILD_DIR) is an empty directory intended for build files. Autotools and CMake support them. Both directories are temporary.

Install Let’s Encrypt client from port with the following command:. Dear FreeBSD Community: The FreeBSD Core team and FreeBSD Security team would like to. FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-16:18. We understand the severity of this issue, and are actively.

Labels: archive, compiling, extracting, freebsd, libarchive, ports, tar, xz. Mikrotik RB493G + Unifi AP, public and guest network.

Patch to instruct git not to normalise the line endings (defined in. Use the convention of naming the file as *crlf. When patching sources with crlf line endings, the patch file itself should also have the same eol style.

Now, tracking the upstream Git repository only works if upstream actually uses Git. The go tool, which is widely used within the Go community for managing Go packages, supports Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Subversion. But which of these are actually used in practice.

If resources for work (such as a sufficiently configured PC for IT work) aren’t available then they can be found (abandoned PCs get stripped and the parts used to upgrade the PCs that need it most). So when the manager disappears (doesn’t visit the team more than once a week and doesn’t ask for any meaningful feedback on how things are going) things can still work out. In a well functioning team members will encourage others to do their share of the work in the absence of management. When someone who is capable of doing work isn’t working then other people will suggest that they do their share.

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