Freebsd remote backup

freebsd remote backup

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Instead, I suggest you to perform level 0 (full) dump periodically and use a new tape cartridge each time. But this is very hard to do, and affordable only to those who have plenty of time and power (I have never done it). If you are a paranoid, you may want to load the level 0 tape periodically and make sure that no read error should occur.

Well, using PPS_SYNC shouldn’t be *required* to use the PPS signal on FreeBSD – what it does is make the kernel discipline the local clock directly from the PPS signal, but FreeBSD also supports the PPSAPI, to let ntpd collect the timestamps from the PPS signal.   It should be possible to use this via the ATOM driver.   I haven’t personally verified any of this though (hence the “should”s) – and I guess PPS_SYNC may give better results, but it could be interesting to try both variants.

How do I make remote backups under Linux. I’ve CentOS 5 Linux server located in remote data center and I’d like to backup it to local or another server.

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Note that in the case of the scp command we must designate the ssh port number using the upper-case -P option, and pass to it the same ssh port number that was designated when we configured FreeNAS. Accept by typing yes and you’ll be presented with a password prompt for the root user on the FreeNAS machine. When you successfully connect you’ll likely receive a message concerning the authenticity of the FreeNAS machine, along with a fingerprint of its public RSA key, and asked if you’re sure you want to continue connecting. Enter the password and the public key will be copied. Here again, make sure to provide the correct local IP address or host name of the FreeNAS machine or, if this machine is located on another network, the correct IP address or URL of the network where the FreeNAS machine is located.

You should accustom yourself to do this, especially before the level 0 dump. It certainly reduces the error occurrence during the tape read and write. When you load a cleaning tape into EXABYTE drive, the cleaning process runs automatically, and the tape will be ejected without rewinding. The first thing you should do is the cleaning of the tape head.

Systems that can be decomposed into “distributable units”) into networks of machines having various characteristics (such as operating systems) and is built on top of Nix; a package manager which has some unique features compared to conventional package managers to make deployment safe and reliable. Disnix is a distributed service deployment toolset whose main purpose is to deploy service oriented systems (i.

freebsd remote backup

It is also recommended that the level 0 and level 1 tape cartridges should be kept in a separated room (and in a separated building, if possible) from the machine. This will protect you from losing both your machine and tapes in a single disaster like fire.

It is popular because of its affordability (you can find a brand-new one with 30,000 yen or so) and fairly large capacity. The DDS drive is quiet and easy to handle, although some claim that the lifetime of the head is rather short. A 4mm DDS drive is a compact drive which has a similar mechanism to the 8mm EXABYTE.

Disnix reuses Nix’s delegation mechanism to build a component for an alien target platform. Optionally, it can also delegate builds to target machines in the network. Apart from the portability of Disnix itself, Disnix also allows a user to deploy a service oriented system into a heterogeneous network (i. A network consisting of various types of machines, running various operating systems).

The rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility based on rsync command. How do I install rsnapshot a filesystem snapshot utility based on rsync on my FreeBSD server to backup my local/remote Linux and Unix-based desktop, server and laptop system. Rsnapshot makes it easy to make periodic snapshots of .

Recall that we shunned conventional password authentication when creating the rsync user account on FreeNAS. Rsync can now run autonomously because it will not be prompted for a password each time it attempts to login:. Instead, we’re going to generate an RSA public/private key pair on the FreeBSD machine, and copy the public key to the FreeNAS machine. Rsync will be able to login and authenticate itself to the FreeNAS machine without the need for a password because the FreeBSD machine has the corresponding private key.

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