Freebsd zfs large blocks

Motherboard manufacturers like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and others all have enthusiast level boards with the LGA1156 chipset with multi-stage power (for overclocking), NF200 switched PCIe lanes, USB 3, SATA 3, onboard HD audio, HDMI outputs and etc. The LGA1156 platform has been a strong platform for enthusiasts and is quickly catching on with HTPC users for its solid performance and low power consumption. Frankly, most if not all of these features are of low value in storage servers. Some LGA1156 boards also include dual Realtek gigabit NICs although a single NIC is standard.

On separate tracks, Oracle and the open source community have added extensions and made significant performance improvements to ZFS and OpenZFS, respectively. The Oracle ZFS updates are proprietary and available only in Oracle technologies. Updates to the open source OpenZFS code are freely available. Oracle’s ZFS and open source OpenZFS derive from the same ZFS source code.

Anyone reading my site will note that I am biased heavily in favor of Intel based gigabit NICs as they are the most consistently high-performing NICs that I have used. Second, I have seen much better throughput on Intel NIC to Intel NIC gigabit networks versus networks with Realtek and Marvell network controllers. Furthermore, the compatibility of the 82577L with Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, VMware ESX and ESXi, and OpenSolaris is a given. The OS and Hypervisor support is generally very good for these Intel gigabit NICs. After months of using Realtek NICs in my servers, the cost savings were just not worth it. Supermicro’s X8SI6-F, like the X8SIL-F it has two Intel 82574L based gigabit NICs onboard.

I got an APC 1500VA Smart-UPS and stuck both it and the file server in a 42U Dell rack cabinet from Craigslist. 10 with 2x 8-drive RAID-Z2 arrays: one array with 8TB WD Red drives and one with 4TB WD Red drives for a total of ~60TB of usable space. The boot volume is stored on 2x mirrored Intel 540s 120GB SSDs. I’m using an Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 CPU (4 cores/8 threads @ 3. The system is built on a SuperMicro X10SRL-F LGA2011-v3 motherboard. 7GHz) and 4 modules of 16GB DDR4 Samsung ECC/registered memory for a total of 64GB of RAM. The server is running on FreeNAS 9. The drives are connected to 2x IBM M1015 cards which I re-flashed to run in IT mode. I’m using a Noctua cooler on the CPU and I replaced the noisy stock chassis fans with quieter Noctua fans. The server is housed in a SuperMicro SC846 chassis with two 920W redundant PSUs.

The recordsize parameter can be set per ZFS dataset and even modified after the dataset is created (but will only affect data written after the parameter is changed). Its value represents the maximum amount of data (before parity and padding) that a file system block can contain. We’ll get to this in just a bit. You may realize at this point that data blocks of length recordsize might not contain a total number of sectors that is divisible by (n_{min}). The default value for the recordsize parameter in a FreeNAS is 128KiB, but you can set the value to any power of 2 between 512b and 1MiB. The maximum size of a ZFS data block size is controlled by a user-definable parameter called recordsize.

To start the process, run the following command in your rclone machine’s terminal:. OAuth requires a web browser, but if you select the correct option during the setup, the rclone config script will give you a URL you can access on your desktop rather than having it try to open a browser on the server. [Updated 8/17/17]The next step requires you to (among other things) authorize rclone to access your ACD via OAuth.

Most of the files on this pool are very large, so larger blocks with less metadata . Discussion in 'FreeBSD and FreeNAS' started by sfbayzfs, May 24, 2015.

Since we’re using RAID-Z2, we need 2 parity sectors per stripe, leaving 6-2 = 4 sectors per stripe for user data. 32 total sectors divided by 4 user data sectors per stripe gives us 8 total stripes. 16 parity sectors + 32 data sectors give us 48 total sectors, which is divisible by 3, so no padding sectors are needed. In this example, you will notice that all the numbers divided into each other nicely. 8 stripes * 2 parity sectors per stripe gives us 16 total parity sectors. For the first example, we’ll look at a 6-wide RAID-Z2 array with 4KiB sectors and a recordsize of 128KiB. 128KiB of data represents 128KiB/4KiB = 32 total sectors worth of user data. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in every configuration.

While the exact set of parts and the sequence of their assembly and configuration will likely be fairly unique to the machine I built, I hope that people undertaking a similar project will find helpful information in some portion of this article. I took pictures and documented every step as well as I could; I had been planning this server over the span of several years, so I was understandably excited to get into it. I started writing the first few sections intending to create a detailed build log for my server. As the article progressed, it started to shift into a combination of a build log and a tutorial. My contact information is at the bottom of this article if you would like to get in touch with me for any reason. I want to make a quick note before diving into this excessively long article.

The only allocation overhead we have is from the partial sector parity data. Calculating the overhead, we find that:. Again, 1MiB of data represents 1MiB/4KiB = 256 total sectors for user data. So we have 256 data sectors and 43*2 = 86 parity sectors giving us a total of 342 sectors. Example four will look at the 8-wide RAID-Z2 setup in example 2, but with a recordsize of 1MiB. We end up with 42 full stripes and one partial stripe (but as before, all 43 stripes get full parity information). We have 6 data sectors per stripe for user data, so 256 total sectors divided by 6 data sectors per stripe gives us 42. 342 is divisible by 3, so no padding sectors are required.

I have brought this concern that the retail availability is not up to par at this time to Supermicro. I was considering trying to buy a 10 board bulk pack and just selling them myself to help with availability as they are good boards. Hopefully they take action.

Org before and after modifications. Lets take a look at the web server performance for our server, calomel. We are only graphing successful requests (code 200) and no code 301 redirections or errors. Keep in mind the graphs are the result of the exact same hardware, the same network, the same files and access is 100% public requests.

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