Google server down yesterday

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For five minutes early on Saturday morning, the Internet stood still as all Google services including Gmail, Drive, Maps and Chat suffered an .

But changing the passwords won’t do any good, these experts said, until the affected services install the software released Monday to fix the problem. That puts the onus on the Internet services affected by Heartbleed to alert their users to the potential risks and let them know when the Heartbleed fix has been installed so they can change their passwords.

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There’s stuff all over the web about this. Here’s a good article, ‘Heartbleed’: for hundreds of thousands of servers at risk around the world from catastrophic bug. Changing your passwords now might make things worse. Wait a few days or more. The bug only strikes when you actively access an account. According to what I’ve read, Amazon is OK, or will be shortly, and Google is immune.

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GOOGLE Drive went down with the cloud storage and back-up service not working for thousands of users yesterday. Status Dashboard which gives the status on whether a Google service is experiencing server issues.

Turn on “use a proxy server. ” Go right back in and turn off “use a proxy server. Fausta had this yesterday. The good news is his poll numbers are down. 10 seconds with Google assured me it wasn’t something stupid that I did. The Monmouth University/NJ Press.

Here you see what is going on. Real-time outages and problems for Google Drive or Docs. Is the app not loading.

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Google’s self-driving car company Waymo sued Uber in February, claiming that Anthony Levandowski, a former Waymo engineer, stole 14,000 documents detailing Waymo.

The security certificates on the server side will have to be changed, too. Not that I’m a server by any means, but my OpenSuse OS is used on servers, so I got the patch. Patching is only part of the problem though. Just yesterday my OpenSuse Linux box received a patch for the bug.

Like I said it worked great yesterday in Arizona, but not on Sept 26. Connection to the SMTP server: Ok. Gmail is an e-mail service that is offered by Google.

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I’ve been trying to test the Bank of America site for the last 15 minutes, and the thing is still trying. No point in adding to the swamp. And, of course, no word from BOA itself. There’s a site one can go to, Heartbleed Test, to test a server for the problem. ( I just killed the process.

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