Imap server has closed the connection

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Most of your email access may be via your email provider’s web interface, but a machine running an email client like Thunderbird, connected to your accounts via IMAP, will download email as it appears. In fact, that’s exactly what I recommend these days.

First, if I create a folder on one machine, it is often not “visible” on the other machines. Second, neither do moved messages move into the same folder on all devices. In my experience, I have found neither of your statements to be the case (yes, all my devices meet your criterion, i. , all are connected to my email account using IMAP). But it also doesn’t happen if I manually duplicate the same folders on all devices (maybe that’s not allowed). Of course, this can’t happen if all devices don’t have the same folder structure.

Each program using IMAP to access your email is simply keeping itself in sync with the master copy. So if something happens to the master copy – say an email is deleted, or marked as “read” – then that change will be reflected in all the email programs.

Leaving them on the server is a practice that’s usually done via IMAP. Although POP clients may be configured to allow the server to continue storing copies of the downloaded messages, the steps outlined above is the usual practice. Let’s talk about it now.

imap server has closed the connection

To adjust the Server timeouts setting: From the Tools menu, select E-mail . This may occur if you have left the connection idle for too long" by changing the setting. You can avoid the timeout error message "Your IMAP server has closed the connection. The default install of Outlook 2003 provides the following configuration.

It has been over 24 hours and I have not seen the MS Outlook pop up error (see image below) appear in User2`s Rogers email account since I separated the synchronization of User2`s Gmail and Rogers email. Message 22 of 33. IMAP server closed the connection.

At this point, you have a working IMAP and POP3 mail server, and you know how to test your server. Your users will choose which protocol they want to use when they.

Imap Server Related Keywords & Suggestions - Imap Server ...

I think of that as an optimization.  You’re still looking at your email as it lives on the mail server’s repository, but your email program has optimized the experience by downloading the email so it can be accessed and displayed more quickly. For example, your email program may very well actually download a copy of all newly arrived email to your PC.

” may be correct if you change your e-mail client’s default settings, but is incorrect for most e-mail clients. , it moves the email from the. By default, when a download is complete, the email resides only on the PC to which it was downloaded. Server on which it had been stored to your PC. Your comment that “When POP3 downloads your email. Same option is by default checked. On my Win 7 laptop, I use Windows Live Mail. For example, I still use OE on my XP desktop, and by default, the account option “Leave a copy of messages on server” is checked.

When IMAP downloads your email, it is copying the email onto your computer. The original email remains in the email server’s master repository of your email; there’s simply a copy of it on your PC for quick and easy access.  (Or backup, as we’ll see in a moment.

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Basically what I’m trying to know is if I can to use an IMAP import as an backup. In my company we use Yahoo Mail, but the company will start using a different email service and they ask us to backup all email we got in Yahoo until now my question is, if I import the company emails (Yahoo) to my Outlook account via IMAP, when the company stops using the Yahoo mail, I’ll don’t have access to it anymore, but they will still remain in my Outlook account. I’m not sure because I realised that we I delete an email in Yahoo it also deletes in Outlook, and I’m affraid that will happen we my company stops using Yahoo.

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