Java serverless database

java serverless database

Serverless doesn’t only supplement DevOps, but it goes beyond the current thinking on how IT organisations can achieve greater business agility.

A serverless computing platform like AWS Lambda allows you to build your code and deploy it without ever needing to configure or manage underlying servers. Your unit of deployment is your code; not the container that hosts the code, or the server that runs the code, but simply the code itself. Serverless computing is also priced based on execution metrics, so there is a financial advantage, as well. From a productivity standpoint, there are obvious benefits to offloading the details of where code is stored and how the execution environment is managed. In fact, serverless computing simply means that you, the developer, do not have to deal with the server.

Most SQL database engines are implemented as a separate server process. Programs that want to access the database communicate with the server.

In addition to responding to files uploaded to S3, lambdas can be triggered by other sources, such as records being inserted into a DynamoDB database and analytic information streaming from Amazon Kinesis. We’ll look at an example featuring DynamoDB in Part 2.

Investigating what kind of support the open source code editor has for Kotlin, recently named a first-class programming language for Android development.

Realm is continuing to build upon its database-centric mobile app development platform, adding a new logic layer to incorporate back-end, serverless functionality.

Along the way I’ll make use of the data model I designed in this post. In the next post in this series, I dive deep into the details of how to use the Lambda Java 8 runtime, along with the AWS SDK for Java, to implement a back end service for the example use case.

Indeed, Lambda functions can be considered as the “connective tissue” that links together the many AWS services that provide event sources for triggering Lambda functions. Lambda is central to building a serverless architecture on AWS. For RESTful API development in particular, Lambda forms a dynamic duo with Amazon API Gateway, which among many other features maps API calls to their implementing Lambda functions. Lambda functions have a wide range of uses, from developing APIs to developing event-driven architectures. In the context of API development, each Lambda function serves to implement a single API call, allowing for rapid, iterative API development.

Containers face security risks at every stage, from building to shipping to the run-time production phases. Securing them requires a layered strategy throughout the stack and the deployment process.

In this blog post series, I describe a serverless architecture for a common use case on AWS: a Java-based API backed by Amazon DynamoDB .

Matt was the Technical Lead of Twitter’s database teams. At Twitter, Matt worked with fellow Fauna cofounder Evan Weaver to scale the service through explosive growth. Matt lives in Berkeley, plays bass, and is an avid rock climber. Prior to Twitter, Matt helped scaled Serious Business, a social gaming company that for a time operated at great scale than Twitter. Matt’s interests include designing programming languages and building distributed systems. Matt Freels is CTO and cofounder of Fauna.

He’s a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, who has built real-world serverless and microservice solutions for mission-critical business needs. An experienced tech speaker and software development blogger, he currently teaches the Microsoft Azure technology stack to students of LinuxAcademy. Speaker Bio
Doug Vanderweide has developed software and conducted DevOps for more than 20 years.

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