Jenkins server certificate verification failed certificate issued for a different hostname

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‘https://server/svn/repo’: Server certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted (https://server).

Server SSL certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted Showing 1-3 of 3 messages.

Server certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, . When the server certificate of the webserver, serving a subversion repository.

Server SSL certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted Im pretty sure that is the issue, either connect over.

Server Authentication failed (SVN / Jenkins) Maven release. Com:443': – The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. The certificate hostname does not match. –trust-server-cert option is only available since svn 1. Error validating server certificate for 'https://example.

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You are asked the accept the certificate and then redmine also works. Server certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname.

I can list repository using cmd and typing svn list –xml “https://my_svn_location”@HEAD but at my local redmine site I don’t see the repository content. This solution works when Redmine was started using command “ruby script/server webrick -e production” but if Redmine was installed as a windows service this solution doesn’t work.

Certificate issued for a different hostname. E230001: Server SSL certificate verification failed:. Jenkins – Solving SSL Certificate issue with SVN.

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Svn: E230001: Server SSL certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted.

16 thoughts on “Jenkins server certificate verification failed certificate issued for a different hostname

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  2. Den Post authorReply

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  3. Elles Post authorReply

    It looks like it may have something to do with ext4 and how the kernel handles it. Unix and Linux → Kill a process in Ds state.

  4. B.O.T. Post authorReply

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  6. Submarine Post authorReply

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  9. Polli Post authorReply

    In computing, Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) to remotely control another computer.

  10. LOM Post authorReply

    Shortcut: Of course if you left x11vnc running on far-away. East:0 in a terminal window with the -forever option or as a service, you’d only have to do Step 3 as you moved around. Be sure to use a VNC Password or other measures if you do that.

  11. Lola Post authorReply

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  13. Shrek Post authorReply

    Edit: The solution that helped me was to run Update-Package Microsoft. I then had to delete my. WebApi -reinstall from the NugGet package manager, as suggested by Pathoschild. Suo file and restart VS, as suggested by Sergey Osypchuk in this thread.

  14. _OyKC_Bomber.ok Post authorReply

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