Laravel development server not working

laravel development server not working

Another abnormality is that the ‘@include’ statements do not appear to work on the development server either. I am working on upgrading the front-end for a Laravel app created by another developer.

You may specify which version of PHP to use for a given site within your Homestead. The available PHP versions are: “5. Homestead 6 introduced support for multiple versions of PHP on the same virtual machine.

Valet is a Laravel development. Dev’; Save and close the file (. I always managed to get it working again. That’s when I found Laravel Valet (or Valet for short). I don’t what happened, but. 4 Comments on Tired of Vagrant.

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php - I am deploying my laravel 5 application to

This is exactly what I did for the problem. I exit PHPStorm; sudo netstat -plnt; kill 7563 (Process using port 8888); kill 6931 (Process using port 8000); sudo /opt/ lampp/lampp restart (Restart my server altogther); php artisan serve; Launch PhpStorm. What caused the problem . Now everything is working fine.

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laravel development server not working

If i used an in build server that come with laravel 5 to test the application, it work fine. But if i copy the application folder into c:/xampp/htdoc, the application will not recognize the ccs and laravel code, only the html code are rendered. Hello guys, i have an application build on laravel 5.

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Make sure your in Laravel's project root directory. In Laravel, we can run Laravel Development server by typing php artisan serve command on terminal or command line. If not change your present working directory.

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