Linux academy online

linux academy online

This course begins with explaining the need of Machine Learning and how it originated from Aritificial Intelligence and gave rise to deep learning. We also dive into the topic of data science and discuss why ML is an important part of data science. We explain important concepts in ML including categories of algorithms, statistical and computer science terms used in model creation, feature engineering, overfitting, generalization, underfitting and cross validation.

In this course, you will develop all of the skills needed to write effective and complex shell scripts that can automate mundane tasks and complex implementations. You will find a comprehensive study guide, an instructor note card set and a full SIXTEEN PAGES of sample shell scripts developed during the course, all available for your download and reference. We will walk you through all of the major components and key words in shell scripting (loops, conditionals, functions, error handling, traps, signals and more) so you can effectively write your scripts to handle any situation.

While it isn’t a technical-heavy certification, its coverage of cloud computing principles is anything but superficial. It’s the preferred cloud certification for business professionals and non-IT staff. The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification focuses on the real-world issues and practical solutions of cloud computing in business and IT. This course covers all of the objectives to study and pass CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials certification.

In-depth reports, news and reviews from the world of Linux.

linux academy online

This contains a very brief overview of the graphical interface but also takes some time to talk about open source software. This is a top-notch section, given that while most users are familiar with free apps, most of these aren’t truly open source. It also discusses the concept of the GPL License which requires developers to make the source code of programs they write available, so they can be updated and improved. The second topic focuses on finding your way around a Linux system, chiefly by using the desktop.

Description: With the widespread adoption of Docker, Linux Containers have become an important part of every DevOps environment. Using the ECS console, this course will show you how to deploy, launch, stop and query your clusters while placing container resources based on your load, performance and availability requirements. With the AWS EC2 Container Service, we will learn how to deploy scalable container management services.

Crystal Mind Academy organizeaza cursuri certificate Cisco CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNP, Administrare Linux, Programare WEB, Programare C++, Design etc.

linux academy online

The company’s internationally recognized brands include among others Cloud Expo® (@CloudExpo ), Big Data Expo® (@BigDataExpo ), DevOps Summit (@DevOpsSummit ), @ThingsExpo® (@ThingsExpo ), Containers Expo (@ContainersExpo ) and Microservices Expo (@MicroservicesE ). About SYS-CON Media & Events
SYS-CON Media (www. Com) has since 1994 been connecting technology companies and customers through a comprehensive content stream – featuring over forty focused subject areas, from Cloud Computing to Web Security – interwoven with market-leading full-scale conferences produced by SYS-CON Events.

Students will learn how to implement Microsoft Azure Functions. Lecture presentations, demonstrations, and lab exercises will help the student to become proficient in developing serverless code solutions that scale efficiently using Microsoft Azure Functions. Students will also learn about how they work, when to use them, and why they are useful in modern cloud application development.

We will learn about the different types of modelling available and how to get the predictions. We will cover some basic Machine Learning (ML) concepts to start off and then dive into Amazon ML specifics. This is the Introduction to Amazon Machine Learning course.

We all know that the true hero is the person who can manage and deploy the code once it has been created. AWS CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline provides all the tools needed to successfully store, manage, and deploy your code to a fleet of servers (or just one) – in either the cloud, on-premise, or both. These services include: CodeCommit: A Git based version control system CodeDeploy: Automate deployments to test, developer & production environments CodePipeline: Create deployment models, and visual deployment workflow So what are you waiting for. Designing an application, writing code, solving complex algorithms – that is the easy part. Linux Academy will be with you each step-of-the-way, providing the best instructional videos so you can learn and, most importantly, implement what you have learned into real life scenarios. This is where AWS Developer Tools step in and allows you to become the hero every organization needs.

Understanding pricing models, security features and concepts, transfer speeds, and everything else involved in backup strategies is very important for both large and small businesses. At the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how to create and implement backup strategies with Amazon Web Services. This course looks at various backup options and strategies on the AWS platform, with a focus on Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier. We walk through some of the differences between traditional backups, and then we contrast that with cloud backups.

Create a cross platform game with Cocos2DX and C++ ...

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