Linux basic commands with explanation

linux basic commands with explanation

Learn how to navigate and work with files in Linux environment. Basic SSH commands everyone should know.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): are documents that list and answer the most common questions on a particular subject. FAQ’s are usually written by people who have tired of answering the same question over and over. There are hundreds of FAQ’s on subjects as diverse as Pet Grooming and Cryptography.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack): a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) occurs when multiple compromised systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually a web server(s). These systems are compromised by attackers using a variety of methods. Dedicated IP Address: an IP address that is used solely by one website. When a DDos occurs, it prevents legitimate network traffic from getting through, thereby causing a denial of service.

95% of all articles, blogs and HowTo’s present a simple step-by-step guide about how to get to a solution. Most of them are even copies of other ones, containing exactly the same information. Thank you for this article. It should serve as an example for many others.

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Htm – Red Hat Getting Started Guide CDROM:docinstall-guideindex. Htm – RH Installation Guide CDROM:docref-guideindex. Htm – RH Reference Guide Note: RH 6. 2 did NOT include the HOWTO section.

“cd” changes directory on Windows, on Mac and on Linux. Honestly, you have to drop the nuisance of command shell as a requirement for Linux. If so, it is also required for Windows, just start the “Terminal” or “X/11” on Mac, and then the commands are just the same.

PNG enable compression of images without any loss of quality, including high-resolution images. PNG: is a graphics format specifically designed for use on the World Wide Web. Another important feature of PNG is that anyone may create software that works with PNG images without paying any fees – the PNG standard is free of any licensing costs.

linux basic commands with explanation

Video drivers are not controlled by the kernel but by the X-window application program. In order to keep the kernel small, maximize device support and minimize memory usage, the appropriate module is loaded at run time. Linux System Kernel Note: The default Linux kernel installed supports a multitude of devices using loadable modules. The kernel may be optimized for performance by compiling in support for the specific devices needed.

No, unit tests don’t catch this problem because it will roll them back like anything else, and since I never intentionally check in failing code the test from before the mysterious rollback gives me a green bar just like the one after the rollback and it’s not like I memorize the number of tests I have in each project at the end of every day. The end result is that i have to do a sync -f (which tells it to forcibly overwrite everything every morning or else risk screwing over my repo by editing and checking in a file that was rolled back without it telling me). Today it forced me to merge in “their” changes. Except I’m the only one working in the damn branch, and I’ve only got one “client” that refers to it. Four times now I have come into work, started coding, and opened up a file that I edited, and submitted the day before only to find it’s at some prior version. Telling perforce to sync it just results in it telling me it *is* in sync.

CDMA also refers to digital cellular telephony systems that make use of this multiple access scheme, such as those pioneered by Qualcomm, and W-CDMA by the International Telecommunication Union or ITU.   CDMA has since been used in many communications systems, including the Global Positioning System and in the OmniTRACS satellite system for transportation logistics. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access): is a form of multiplexing (not a modulation scheme) and a method of multiple access that does not divide up the channel by time (as in time division multiple access), or frequency (as in frequency-division multiple access), but instead encodes data with a special code associated with each channel and uses the constructive interference properties of the special codes to perform the multiplexing.

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I followed probably 20 howto’s and posted in 3 forums before I found this guide. I was beyond frustrated. Doing it repetitively and systematically. This was written EXACTLY the way I learn best. I have spent the last 3 days pulling my hair out trying to get lvm to work properly and learn it in general. I wish I would have found this sooner.

This is often done to give a group of users access to a file or device which is accessible to all group members. Membership in other groups may be added. All users are a member of a group. See the tutorial on managing groups. New users will be added to a group of the same name as the user (each user had his own group).

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    Package Management Cheatsheet A package management reference card for Linux distributions and FreeBSD.

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    It offers you a much faster boot time than other Linux based operating system which actually made for Chromebook. That means it comes default XFCE desktop. The Gallium is battery optimized, Built-In Zram Function (An alternative to Swap) and integrated ChromeOS touchpad driver for ultimate performance. So, you can easily convert your Chromebox media center as a Linux machine. GalliumOS mainly based on Xubuntu. On the other hand, you can install it on your Chromebox.

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