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A short list: TLS support, various clone extensions (CLONE_SETTLS, CLONE_SETTID, CLONE_CLEARTID), POSIX thread-signal handling, sys_exit() extension (release TID futex upon VM-release), the sys_exit_group() system-call, sys_execve() enhancements and support for detached threads.

I’ve heard some reports that virtual Hipersockets don’t work but I have not been able to reproduce that. “You’ll get a much-closer-to-current Debian system that way. 05/03/2005 – Adam Thornton recommended installing Sarge and Debian-installer, instead of Debian Woody. I haven’t actually tried RC3 myself, but rc2 worked fine. 54200

6 * ‘for-linus’ of git://git390. Org> Date: Mon Mar 8 07:33:46 2010 -0800 Merge branch ‘for-linus’ of git://git390. 6: [S390] smsgiucv_app: deliver z/VM CP special messages (SMSG) as uevents [S390] smsgiucv: declare char pointers as “const” [S390] dasd: automatic recognition of read-only devices [S390] remove unused qdio flags in zfcp and qeth [S390] Cleanup xtime usage [S390] qdio: add missing bracket [S390] cio: fix init_count in case of recognition after steal lock [S390] dasd: security and PSF update patch for EMC CKD ioctl [S390] hvc_iucv: allocate memory buffers for IUCV in zone DMA [S390] uaccess: make sure copy_from_user_overflow is builtin. 03/10/2010 – New mainline Linux kernel updates for System z from git390. Commit 3c443cbc1dbb9a3b4dd9a134b97349195bcb4990 Merge: d4014030d2b2508aaf54093a5885f1c8a2275dd7 1ffaa640c6ba135aafc91841204e41846eae6841 Author: Linus Torvalds

6 * ‘for-linus’ of git://git390. H instead of irq. Commit 32527bc0e4b4fa7711ad1c923cf64ae72a7ffd9d Merge: e14a685dfabf3ceeb366f1db1a22471b8f98a08b 99f6a570eedc885675b6aa36b7acdbdcc3a7f55b Author: Linus Torvalds Date: Wed Apr 1 09:22 2009 -0700 Merge branch ‘for-linus’ of git://git390. 6: [S390] cio: online_store – trigger recognition for boxed devices [S390] cio: disallow online setting of device in transient state [S390] cio: introduce notifier for boxed state [S390] cio: introduce ccw_device_schedule_sch_unregister [S390] cio: wake up on failed recognition [S390] fix hypfs build failure [PATCH] sysrq: include interrupt. 04/02/2009 – New mainline Linux kernel updates for System z from git390.

IP Transparency and Direct Server Return with NGINX Plus

A call to make in the Buildroot directory regenerates the root filesystem. After logging in as root, you can load the module by issuing the command -insmod hello. The easiest approach is to omit the -S option but use -s when you call Qemu. This puts the module in the superuser’s home directory after booting. This enables the debug server, but Linux still boots directly.

Org> Date: Thu Aug 4 06:35:51 2011 -1000 Merge branch ‘for-linus’ of git://git390. 6 * ‘for-linus’ of git://git390. 08/05/2011 – New mainline Linux kernel updates for System z from git390. 6: [S390] signal: use set_restore_sigmask() helper [S390] smp: remove pointless comments in startup_secondary() [S390] qdio: Use kstrtoul_from_user [S390] sclp_async: Use kstrtoul_from_user [S390] exec: remove redundant set_fs(USER_DS) [S390] cpu hotplug: on cpu start wait until being marked active [S390] signal: convert to use set_current_blocked() [S390] asm offsets: fix coding style [S390] Add support for IBM zEnterprise 114 [S390] dasd: check if raw track access is supported [S390] Use diagnose 308 for system reset [S390] Export store_status() function [S390] dasd: use vmalloc for statistics input buffer [S390] Add PSW restart shutdown trigger [S390] missing return in page_table_alloc_pgste [S390] qdio: 2nd stage retry on SIGA-W busy conditions. Commit 447e1363bc2cc80fa9205a51a4f86d83c35b54a4 Merge: 82de9a0cc34bc1640c4f133f13d62a765596b2b9 9e8ed3ae924b65ab5f088fe63ee6f4326f04590f Author: Linus Torvalds

08/29/2008 – 54 Linux and z/VM related presentations from SHARE 111 in San Jose, California have been added to the presentations page. I’m anticipating a few more to trickle in. Keep an eye out here.

linux kernel challenge

01/26/2007 – A new Linux Kernel mailing list has been set up at vger. The traffic will consist mostly of technical discussions about kernel development for the mainframe platform. You can subscribe at the link below. Org for anyone that is interested in following or participating in mainframe Linux development. Html#linux-s390

However, all communications from Little the penguin seemed stop about two months ago. I started the challenge a couple of months ago and at first everything went smoothly. I tried re-submitting my solution, but even that was more than a month ago and I still haven’t heard anything from them.

After you type the file vmlinux and target remote :1234 commands, Qemu stops the Linux system. Next, launch GDB on the host system in the normal way from the Linux kernel source directory. The following command tells the system the hex address of the code segment and the two data segments:.

/SLES9/INSTALLROOT in the ftp path instead of /SLES9/INSTALLROOT. ”
http://www2. He was then able to specify an absolute path instead of a relative one, since the FTP servers was then treating the home directory as “/” instead of “/path/to/homedir” The error that is reported when the path is not specified correctly is “Cannot read package data from installation media. ” Tom Duerbusch got essentially the same result by turning on the chroot option on his FTP server. 04/22/2005 – In response to what has become a common complaint when trying to install SLES9 systems, Jerry Whitteridge reported that the SLES9 FTP installation “requires a relative path. I had to specify. After that everything worked OK — it appears that the ftp server drops you into /home/&UID and that it uses that as the root for the FTP directories.

If you want to contribute to the Linux kernel but aren’t sure where to start, the Eudyptula Challenge could be a great way to test your programming skills and learn.

linux kernel challenge

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