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Kfifo_alloc — dynamically allocates a new fifo buffer kfifo_free — frees the fifo kfifo_init — initialize a fifo using a preallocated buffer kfifo_put.

4 and Linux 2. Click on a book for reader feedback and reviews. There also exist a number of generic programming references which are particularly useful from a kernel programming viewpoint. 6, as well as particular kernel subsystems. A number of good dead tree books are available, covering Linux 2. This page contains references to these and other texts along with their corresponding ISBN and publisher details.

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H file in Linux kernel source. /** * kfifo_init – initialize a fifo using a preallocated buffer * @fifo: the fifo to assign. I found the below code from linux/kfifo.

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MKFIFO(3) Linux Programmer’s Manual MKFIFO(3) NAME top mkfifo, mkfifoat. It is implemented using mknodat(2), available on Linux since kernel 2.

Linux est un système d’exploitation qui fait tourner les programmes de votre machine, à l’instar de Windows et Mac OS X. Créé par des communautés de passionnés.

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