Linux mint freezes

linux mint freezes

I use this often and it works. It basically restarts the GUI. Even if you don’t see anything on the screen (e. Another suggestion if you are using Gnome3 (I think the default Mint installation uses something similar), you can use CTRL+F2 then press R and hit return. , it is frozen) you should do that and it will restart the GUI.

The HUD is really useful, and global panel gives me more space (I don’t need a bar dedicated only to title like in browser). Well, I’m switching to Linux on 12. 04 era, so I don’t have “hard to change” feeling from previous gnome 2 looks, and I feel Unity is more newbie friendly. Unlike most people, I actually really like Ubuntu’s Unity.

With Windows 8 casting a long shadow over the PC industry and Valve committing to create Linux-based gaming PCs, there's never been a better time to start.

[176] The level of software localization depends on the language, ranging from the highly supported German and French to the hardly translated Creek and Samoan. Several parts of Debian are translated into languages other than American English, including package descriptions, configuration messages, documentation and the website. [177] The installer is available in 73 languages.

linux mint freezes

Cjs-Message: JS WARNING: [/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/backgroundManager. Js 40]: assignment to undeclared variable key
Cjs-Message: JS WARNING: [/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/backgroundManager. Js 38]: assignment to undeclared variable somethingChanged
Cjs-Message: JS WARNING: [/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/backgroundManager. Js 41]: assignment to undeclared variable value
Cjs-Message: JS WARNING: [/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/backgroundManager. Js 42]: assignment to undeclared variable newValue.

1 I tried many iterations of kernel. It made no difference with the freezes. When this issue first came up after I upgraded to Mint 17. 5 builds seemed to have eliminated the freezes. When I switched to using Mate I no longer had freezes running on the same kernel levels that would freeze with Cinnamon. Only the Cinnamon test packages or the nightly 2.

The freeze affects screen, keyboard, and mouse, so on a laptop what I do is close the lid to put it to sleep and reopen the lid to get it restarted, but the workstation has to be power cycled (or I can login from another machine through the network and restart the Cinnamon system).

linux mint freezes

Buttons are numbered incrementally from 1 to 12 and the sequence from left to right means: button one, button two (so middle button), button 3 and so on By specifying an invalid (missing) button like 0 or 13 we are removing it’s binding. With this command we are also redefining the order of “buttons” 4, 5, 6, 7 that are those related to scrolling gestures in order to have a natural scrolling effect even on the magic mouse and this settings will also used for the trackpad so now all should works perfectly.

Previously I might have a few lockups per week, now I’m having anything from a few to a few dozen lockups per day. I’ve had this problem occur a LOT more in the past week or two. Like previously, switching to a different terminal and back fixes everything.

To restart I have to turn off power completely. Freezes don’t happen on every drag, but when working with data multiple times an hour. The system freezes completely, including mouse responsiveness. Maybe the auto-copying to clipboard on selection is involved somehow. I can’t say for sure if this happened after I used LibreOffice for the first time, or if I never dragged files/content before on that machine (in fact it’s not me using the machine regularly).

Stable version of Debian gets released approximately every 2 years. Point releases will be available every several months as determined by Stable Release Managers (SRM). It will receive official support for about 3 years with update for major security or usability fixes.

When this happens, the only solution I have is to shut down by pushing the. My problem is that the operating system freezes randomly. I am running Linux mint 32 bit.

linux mint freezes

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