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Linux mint get version

linux mint get version

This post will show you how to check which version of Linux Mint you are running. This can be done both through the graphical user interface or .

Linux Mint is an elegant, easy to use, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution.

Linux Mint is a Linux distribution that is growing rapidly in popularity, thanks in large part to its ease-of-use and simplistic. How to Install Linux Mint.

The official blog often features discussions where users are asked to voice their opinion about the latest features or decisions implemented for upcoming releases. Ideas can be submitted, commented upon and rated by users via the Linux Mint Community Website. Linux Mint relies on user feedback to make decisions and orient its development. Individual users and companies using the operating system act as donors,[59] sponsors[60] and partners[61] of the distribution.

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Cette distribution, particulièrement populaire, se dote d’un nouveau thème par défaut, d’un support. Linux Mint est désormais disponible version 18 finale.

Linux Mint was voted the second best Linux distribution, after Ubuntu. Every version of Linux Mint is given a version number and, until the 18.

X series, was code-named with a feminine first name ending in “a” and beginning with a letter of the alphabet that increases with every iteration. X series broke from the pattern with version 18 having the name “Sarah”. Every version of Linux Mint is given a version number and, until the 18.

linux mint get version

You’d think ‘displaying kernel version number’ would be a simple, everyday command to find I’m sure most of you know, that is not true. I search and check a hundred pages before finding this article. I should have now to check nixCraft (cyberciti) first or at lest in the top 5 sites.

In addition, Mint 17. X series, by using Ubuntu 16. 04 LTS as a base. On May 31, 2014, with the release of Linux Mint 17,[21] the Linux Mint team adopted a new release strategy. Starting with the release of Mint 17, all future versions were planned to use a LTS version of Ubuntu as a base, until 2016. 3 was released on December 4, 2015. 1 was released on November 29, 2014,[23] Mint 17. [22] Under this strategy, Mint 17. [26] All three versions included upgrades to the Cinnamon and MATE Desktop Environments and various Mint tools. X releases are intended to be an easy, optional upgrade. 3 included an upgrade to the LibreOffice suite. X series follows the pattern set by the 17. 2 was released on June 30, 2015,[24] and Mint 17.

Instead, it just keeps working. It doesn’t fail the way Windows 10 has been with cumulative upgrades since the Anniversary Update. Unlike so many other new and “improved” operating systems — I’m looking at you Windows 10 Anniversary Update and macOS Sierra — Linux Mint just keeps working. Once more, I find myself really enjoying running Mint.

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I installed the MATE 64-bit version but I could not Suspend, and I could not Hibernate (or at least I. The main thing Linux And Linux Mint need to get.

linux mint get version

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