Linux ubuntu vs fedora

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Суть в чем: Так уж сложилось,что нужно поставить Windows,ради
одной софтинки(Которая не идёт через Вайн,а для бокса .

Ubuntu releases a new version every six months – in April and in October. Since 2012, every LTS release receives official support and updates for the next five years. Every fourth version is considered a Long Term Support (LTS) release, which means that LTS releases come out every 2 years. Other, “regular” releases used to be supported for 18 months, but this period has been shortened to nine months in 2013.

Сравнение Ubuntu vs Fedora; Простота установки. За последние несколько
лет Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian и Linux Mint проделали .

I mean the clients will be windows machines any suggestion or help will be appreciated. And i want to use it as a server in my video conferencing system which i want to implement. 04 , but I don’t know many of it, i am just leaning it. But can it work with windows machines. Wow i would like to know more about linux. I have installed ubuntu 14.

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I have been using linux since 2004, and have watched it bloom. You can create your own world in linux if you take a few to read how. Educate yourself before blowing off about things you know nothing about. My lappy is an asus i7 quad, that came with win8. 10 on this lappy and it has not blinked. You can have better with an intel laptop and linux, just make it look like a mac if you want because all things linux can be changed. Anyone needing programs that are windows only can install windows as a vurtual machine and run it simultaneously with linux, so all windows programs work on linux. I use gimp, libreoffice, xchat , firefox, and filezilla to name a few. Win8 lasted approx 5 min, long emough to boot xubuntu live on usb and install it. Wake up and smell the roses. Running windows in virtualbox cures all the virus and malware crap, and alot of the driver crap as well. Geez, I just finished reading all these replies and it seems most of them are petty shots at something due to a lack of knowledge. Unetbootin is cool, but try multisys, which allows up to 10 os live on 1 usb stick. People that buy mac computers are foolish, osx is locked up linux. Currently have xubuntu 13.

I just installed ubuntu, My God, what a day and night difference. I have an xp netbook which is not usable any more because it takes at least more than 10 minutes to turn it on and 4 minutes to shut down. It takes no more than 1 minute to turn on and 15 seconds to shut down. Will never look back to Windows again, the stone age OS.

The four top Linux distributions — Fedora, Mint, openSUSE and Ubuntu — differ widely in their approach to the desktop. We look at all four and figure out which is.

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The installer automatically partitions the hard drive and installs Ubuntu as a program in Windows so that it can be removed easily if the user wishes to uninstall. Ubuntu has more (and arguably easier) installation options compared with Mint. For Windows users, the Wubi installer makes installing Ubuntu extremely easy. Ubuntu is not launched as a program within Windows, however. Instead, at boot time the user is allowed to choose which OS to start in.

That’s something I can’t do by using GUI. We will use CLI to control our webcam device. Today we will approach that topic from a different angle. I’m doing it CLI way, because I want to tweak my webcam using my Linux operating system startup scripts. Who would want to control visual device like webcam from CLI you might ask.

In respose to the hate messages I saw in responce to what I said and the douche bags that just post to troll others, seriously I pray for you, you need help. Agreed, I only reciently opened my email and saw these reponces and wow am I shocked at the lack of maturity you see. Especially those that are cyberbullying children.

They just compare look and feel and boot up times. All the articles about comparing Windows and Ubuntu are always stupid. Clearly Ubuntu is shit when it comes to software. I mean you can’t install adobe CS suites and other basic software like Filezilla (Double click on a file to rename it inside Filezilla window and it will crash), Libra office (Trying copying text containing UTF-8 characters in Writer) and even Ubuntu core (Name a week when Ubuntu hasn’t appeared with an error saying it got problems. But what about software. ) is full of bugs.

However, adding one of the extra repositories like rpmfusion makes up for most of it. Fedora adds some slight difficulty as their approach is to not provide proprietary packages with their distribution which could make things a bit difficult depending on your hardware.

linux ubuntu vs fedora

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    So im new to centos 7. I created the ifcfg-bond0 and the ifcfg-enp6s0f1 and 0 just as i have on my current centos 6 system. The bond0 interface comes up, with ip.

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    Bonding allows you to aggregate multiple ports into a single group, effectively combining the bandwidth into a single connection. For example, you can aggregate three megabits ports into a three-megabits trunk port. That is equivalent with having one interface with three megabytes speed. Bonding also allows you to create multi-gigabit pipes to transport traffic through the highest traffic areas of your network.

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