List email users linux

list email users linux

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This blog post is in direct response to Konstantin, a Sun/MySQL employee who actually works on the actually MySQL server code who wrote Query cache = useless. When I was a MySQL employee I got reprimanded (twice) for blogging anything about MySQL that wasn’t positive. On a side note, I wanted to title this “The MySQL Query Cache is not useless”. In my view it is not useless.

The example given here is more accurately described as “to list all the users with account information stored locally on a Unix system” use cat /etc/passwd. To all you software developers out there, do not believe that all the users are in the /etc/passwd file.

To filter /sbin/nologin, enter:. /sbin/nologin is used to politely refuse a login i. It is intended as a replacement shell field for accounts that have been disabled or you do not want user to login into system using ssh. /sbin/nologin displays a message that an account is not available and exits non-zero.

list email users linux

The ebooks provides a comprehensive coverage on how to use yum, apt and yast online updates to keep your system up-to-date and will reduce your costs, improve the availability of your systems, and dramatically enhance your personal efficiency. The ebook provides a patch management techniques for Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE, Debian, and other leading distributions to minimize impacts on administration, networks and users.

A greater proportion of different industries and gender lead to many questions and discussions from users, not just technologists. There were less the half the attendees with laptops at hand for notes & twittering, offset by the high blackberry or should I say shaq-berry users (Thanks Ami @digitalroyalty), easily seen from the back of the steep and dark auditorium. The demographics of attendees was a little different from my usual O’Reilly conferences of MySQL, OSCON and Web 2.

I believe there is a patch to show the queries for example, but I was unable to find via a google search. I wish MySQL would spend time in improving key features, for example the Query Cache lacks sufficient instrumentation like what queries are in the cache, what tables are in the cache, and also lack all the sufficient system parameters exposed to fine tune.

list email users linux

Now, if you want to send messages to users on systems other than the one you are logged in to, that’s where the real fun begins. You’ll need to configure your mailer daemon to recognize and hand off external email to a transfer agent, configure the transfer agent, and do a whole bunch of stuff I don’t yet understand myself.

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This guide shows how to print user information such as the current username, primary groups and secondary groups.

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list email users linux

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