Oracle7 server administrator guide

oracle7 server administrator guide

2 SHARED_POOL_SIZE at least 10 MB DISTRIBUTED_LOCK_TIMEOUT 300 seconds DISTRIBUTED_TRANSACTIONS GLOBAL_NAMES TRUE OPEN_LINKS. ORA file (recommended values are included): Master Site Parameters Parameter Name Recommended Value COMPATIBLE 7. Initialization Parameters for Advanced Replication The following initialization parameters must be set or added to the INITsid.

Pre- installation Tasks for SAS Decision Manager Common Data Server. Chapter 1 • Introduction to SAS Model Manager Administrator's Guide.

SQL*DBA to Oracle Server Manager Migration Guide Oracle7 Spatial Data Option Application Developer’s Guide Oracle7 Spatial Data Option Reference & Administrator’s Guide Oracle7 Spatial Data Option Overview Oracle Enterprise Manager Performance Monitoring User’s Guide A – 2 Oracle7 Server Getting Started for Windows NT.

This parameter is required if you ever want this password file to be EXCLUSIVE. This parameter sets the maximum number of entries allowed in the password file. This corresponds to the maximum number of distinct users allowed to connect to the database as SYSDBA or SYSOPER. Entries can be reused as users are added to and removed from the password file.

Tablespaces and Datafiles

The communication between an applet that uses the Thin JDBC driver and the Oracle database happens over Java TCP/IP sockets. Therefore, to avoid violating JDK 1. 2-based Web browser, such as Netscape 3. The connection can only be made if the web browser where the applet is executing allows a sockets connection to be made. Security considerations, the Oracle Database server must be physically located on the same machine as the web server. 0, an applet can only open sockets to the host from which it was downloaded.

If you see such error messages, a media or I/O problem has occurred, and should be corrected immediately. Using the Trace Files You can periodically check the ALERT file and other trace files of an instance to see if the background processes have encountered errors. For example, when the Log Writer process (LGWR) cannot write to a member of a group, an error message indicating the nature of the problem is written to the LGWR trace file and the database’s ALERT file.

, Client/Server Architect; Systems Integrator; Systems Engineer; Network Administrator; and Software Engineer, etc. First, make a list of all of the job titles you can think of that describe the kinds of work you want to do in your next job (e.

oracle7 server administrator guide

Your job responsibilities are synonymous with a job description. A good source of example job descriptions are from the jobs advertised online by individual employers. They are unique identifiers that define the nature of your work relative your accountability to accomplish specific work tasks.

See Chapters 9 through 17 for specific information on creating logical storage structures, objects, and integrity constraints for your database. It is beyond the scope of this book to discuss relational and distributed database design; if you are not familiar with such design issues, refer to accepted industry-standard books that explain these studies.

If your code is used with both the Thin and OCI drivers, you can disable the defineColumnType method when using the Thin by setting the connection property disableDefineColumnType to “true”. This will make defineColumnType a NOOP. Do not set this connection property or else set it to “false” when using the OCI or Server-Side Internal drivers.

You can use Instance Manager to change Instance passwords. Select (in the Instance Manager main window) the instance for which you want to change the password. 3 – 8 Oracle7 Server Getting Started for Windows NT. Follow these steps to change passwords: 1.

This can be illustrated by continuing the example started in “Granting Object Privileges on Behalf of the Object Owner”. In a situation where the object privilege has been granted by both the owner of the object and the user executing the REVOKE statement (who has both the specific object privilege and the GRANT ANY OBJECT PRIVILEGE system privilege), Oracle only revokes the object privilege granted by the user issuing the REVOKE.


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