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Name: Marc Slemko email: [email protected] OS Expertise: *BSD, Solaris, Linux . Com Occupation: Software Engineer / General Irritant Location: Seattle, WA, USA Contributions: Security patches, bug hunting and debugging of networking issues.

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If the system does not require secure RPC then this service should be disabled. The rpcgssd service is the client-side of RPCSEC GSS. The rpcgssd service manages RPCSEC GSS contexts required to secure protocols that use RPC (most often Kerberos and NFS). The rpcgssd service can be disabled with the following command:.

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However, not all of the Ruby Gem or node/NPM library owners port their libraries to support Windows, and many have Linux-specific dependencies. Many languages like Ruby and node are often ported to, and run great, on Windows. This can often result in systems built using such tools and libraries suffering from build and sometimes runtime […]

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How mount centos img file kpartx. I’m trying to add TPM. Better debugging of dracut and systemd inside the initramfs. A nice feature of dracut is that. Freitag, Januar 24 2014. Better debugging of dracut and systemd inside the initramfs. Virtualbox user group fedora.

Centos apache restart

After installing the httpd package, review the Apache HTTP Server's documentation available online at http://httpd. The httpd RPM installs the /etc/init. D/httpd script, which can be accessed using the /sbin/ service command. Starting httpd using the apachectl control script sets the environmental variables .

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What you want is more likely a shell script wrapper starting the jar. It is meant to search for classes. Create a text file containing the following lines: #. CLASSPATH is not meant to search for jars. Putting a jar in CLASSPATH means java will see the classes inside the jar, but not the jar […]

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We crowned IPVanish the best provider when it comes to downloading torrents (and for other P2P traffic, for that matter). There is no free trial available here, sadly, but subscribers do get a seven-day money-back guarantee. One of the obvious major plus points with this service is the fact that it allows unlimited P2P traffic. […]

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Slack for Linux, now in beta, opens the collaboration platform up to new users in the open source community. C++ is a general purpose, object-oriented, middle-level programming language and is an extension of C language, which makes it possible to code C++ in a “C style”. In some situations, coding can be done in either […]

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Does Microsoft really like Linux after all. But since the arrival of Satya Nadella as CEO, they’ve made a concerted effort Does Microsoft Really Love Linux After All. Over the years, CEOs have expressed a desire to see Linux disappear, but these days the story is different. Does Microsoft Really Love Linux After All. Microsoft […]